How to Prepare Maths for RRB ALP (Assistant Loco Pilot) Exam 2018?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

For the year 2018, there are 26502 seats vacant for the post of Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician. RRB ALP exam is expected to be held in the month of April/May. There are few weeks left for preparation and here are the tips on how to prepare for RRB ALP Maths section. Maths questions are expected to cover a good portion of the paper. Let us now go through how to prepare for RRB ALP Maths Section.

RRB ALP Mathematics Preparation Tips

A major chunk of students considers Mathematics as their rival in the exam. (If this is not the case with you, we are so happy for you). Only cramming the formulas is not the case with Mathematics. Let us look into the tips & tricks on how to prepare for RRB ALP Maths section.

Daily Practice

There is no shortcut to success. The only way to success is hard work and practice. Go through the syllabus first and write down all the essentials. Buy a good RRB ALP Book and start preparing from today only. You have to polish your basics first. Make a proper timetable and allot a good number of hours to Maths. Practice is important as it is impossible to study maths properly by just reading and listening.

Study with 50-50 Formula

Gradeup’s 50-50 formula includes 50% studying & 50% question-practice. A student must attempt practice sets after the completion of the topic. First, you should understand the concept and formulas of the topic. After that, practice those topic questions to see how much you have gained.

Avoid Let x= method

We all have a habit of solving Maths question by the long formula. We take let x= which ends up in the loss of time. Analyze the question before attempting it blindly by conventional methods. Students are adviced to learn the short formulas or methods. Learn the tables up to 25, cubes upto 15, cube roots up to 15 and other important formulas. Keep a separate notebook for the short tricks and formulas. Regularly revise them till the date of the exam.

Note: After solving any question, you should always check if this question can be solved from a short trick. This will save your precious time. Here, we are not advicing you to totally abandon the long formula. What if you forget the short trick in the exam? 

Analyse weak & strong areas

Practicing gradeup online mocks will help you know your strong and weak areas. The task doesn’t end here. Students should obviously allot more hours on their weak areas. Practice those topics & convert them into your strong area. Understanding how you approached the question and where you went wrong is a great way of avoiding the silly mistakes in the future.

Make a habit of attempting a Mock Test Daily

Practice with various mock tests and question banks which are available on Gradeup portal. Our online mock will help you get an idea of the different ways the questions are set. The questions are sometimes intentionally set in a confusing format but if you are familiar with the different question types, you will be able to solve them easily. For a kick start, try Railways RRB Mini Mock 2018

Here we end up our article on RRB ALP Maths Preparation. Students should always smart learning methods to utilize time and labour in an efficient manner. Also, revise whatever you learn during your preparation at the end of the day. This will help you retain what you learned.

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