Important General Science Topics for RRB ALP/Technician Exam 2018!

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Having a huge number of vacancies in Indian Railway for the post of RRB ALP/Technician, candidates are looking for proper guidance to crack the RRB ALP/Technician Exam 2018.  If you check the syllabus and exam pattern of RRB ALP/Technician Exam 2018, you will find that General Science and Awareness plays a vital role in scoring good marks. So here, we will discuss the importance and topics of General Science in RRB ALP/Technician exam 2018.

Basically, this exam will be conducted in two stages. In the first stage, the level of General Science will be of Class 10th level. In general science, questions will be asked from Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences.

General Science Topics for RRB ALP/Technician 

RRB ALP Physics Section Topics

Unit & Dimensions: From this topic, questions asked are based on fundamental and SI units, derived units etc. For example: Force, Viscosity, density etc.

Force and Laws of Motion: First, Second & Third law of Motion, Momentum Conservation, Basics of Inertia, Relative Density.

Gravitation: Universal Law of gravitation, Mass, Weight, variation in ‘g’, Thrust and Pressure, Archimedes Principle, Relative Density

Work and Energy: Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Law of Conservation of Energy, rate of doing work.

Sound: Production of Sound, Propagation of sound, Characteristics of Sound Wave, Reflection of Sound, Range of Hearing, Applications of Ultrasound, Structure of Human Ear.

Light: Reflection, Refraction, Spherical of Mirrors, Power of lens. Image formation, Refractive Index, Lens formula, Human eye, Defects of vision, Dispersion of prism, Atmospheric refraction, Scattering of Light

Electricity: Electric Current and Circuit, Potential and Potential Difference, Circuit Diagram, Ohm’s Law, Resistance, Heating Effect of Electric Current, Electric Power

Magnetic Electricity:Effects of Electric Current: Magnetic Field & Field Lines

Electricity: Types of Electric Charges, Force on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field, Electric Motor, Electromagnetic Induction, Electric Generators, Domestic Electric Circuits

Sources of Energy: Conventional Sources, Non- Conventional Sources and Environmental Consequences

Discoveries & Inventions

RRB ALP Chemistry Topics

Atoms and Molecules: Laws of Chemical Combination, Atomic Mass, Atomic number, Molecular mass, molecular formula, chemical name etc.

Structure of the atom: Different Models of Atom, Isotopes, Isobars, Isotones etc.

Chemical Reactions and Equations: Types of Chemical Equation and Rections

Acids, Bases and Salts: Chemical properties of acids, bases and salts; pH of compounds

Metals and Non-metals: Physical properties, chemical properties, reaction of metal & non-metals, corrosion

Carbon and its compounds: Bonding in carbon, Properties of carbon, Carbonic Compounds, Nomenclature of carbonic compounds, Soaps and Detergents

Periodic Classification of Elements: Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, Modern Periodic Table etc.

RRB ALP/Technician Life Sciences Topics

In this section, questions related to life sciences (biology) are asked. The level of this section will be up to 10th level.

Fundamental Unit of Life: Living Organisms, Cell: Plasma Membrane, Nucleus, Cell Wall, Cytoplasm etc.

Tissues: Animal Tissue; Plant Tissue

Diversity in Living Organisms: Basics of Classification; Mammals, Scientific Names etc.

Life Process: Nutrition; Respiration; Transportation; Excretion

Control and Coordination: Nervous System; Coordination in Plants; Hormones etc.

Reproduction: Modes of Reproduction; Reproductive System

Sources of Energy: Heredity; Evolution; Sex Determination; Chromosomes

Environment & Ecology

Miscellaneous Topics: Diseases, Micro-organisms, Vitamins etc.

Questions from General Awareness are also asked in this exam, we will update you the important topics of GK for RRB soon.

We have also shared RRB Study Plan where we provide RRB Study Material (Daily updated) for the upcoming RRB Exams 2018. You can follow this RRB Study Plan from the link given below.

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