P.M. is Morning or Evening?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Using the terms P.M. and A.M. to denote the time of the day is a common practice. But some people are often unsure whether P.M. is morning or evening. The answer is evening. This is because P.M. stands for the term Post Meridiem which is a Latin word used to describe afternoon or after midday. Hence, it is used to describe the time after noon and before midnight.


P.M. stands for Post Meridiem and is used to represent Evening

In most countries, the 12-hour system is used to denote the time. According to this system, the 24 hours of the day are divided into 2 halves and the first half is denoted by A.M. while the second half is denoted by P.M. which is from the afternoon and before midnight. A.M. stands for Ante Meridiem which denotes before midday or before noon.


P.M. is Morning or Evening?

Still unsure whether P.M is morning or evening? Well, the answer is evening. This is because P.M. stands for the Latin term Post meridiem which means after noon or after midday. Hence, it denotes the time from 12 noon and before midnight.


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