What is the Full Form of MLA, MP, CM, PM, and CJI?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The full form of MLA, MP, CM, PM, and CJI are Member of Legislative Assembly, Member of Parliament, Chief Minister, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India respectively. Key positions in the Indian government, such as the PM and MP, are responsible for making crucial national decisions. On the other hand, the state’s voters choose its MLAs, while the chief minister serves as the head of state. If we talk about CJI, he is the highest-ranking officer in the Indian Judiciary.

Full Form of MLA, MP, CM, PM, and CJI

Knowing about the full form of MP, MLA, CM, PM, and CJI is an important aspect of all competitive exam preparation. Let us know about the important and official members of the Government of India:

MP Full Form

A Member of Parliament (MP) is a representative of the voters in the parliament. He/she represents an electoral district and the Indian citizens in the Lok Sabha or the lower house of the parliament.

MLA Full Form

The Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) is the representative of a particular district that is elected by the people from that district in the state assembly. The voters elect one representative from each constituency, who then serves in the Legislative Assembly (MLA).

CM Full Form

A Chief Minister (CM) is an elected person who is responsible for governing a whole state. He is in charge of the state’s administration. The Indian Constitution names the governor as the head of each state, but the chief minister actually holds de facto executive power.

PM Full Form

The Prime Minister (PM) is the head of the government and the leader of the country and the executives of the Indian government. The Prime Minister of India is the head of government of the Republic of India. Despite the fact that the president of India is the nominal head of the executive, the prime minister and the Council of Ministers have executive authority.

CJI Full Form

The Chief Justice of India (CJI) is the head of the Indian judiciary and the Supreme Court of India. Moreover, the CJI is responsible for allocating cases and appointing constitutional benches that deal with crucial matters of law.

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