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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

National Animals and Birds of All Countries: National symbols provide valuable insights into a country’s values and ideals. National animals and birds, chosen to represent a country, often symbolize traits such as power, intelligence, or joy. It is essential to be familiar with the list of national animals and birds for the upcoming SSC exams. These notes can be highly beneficial for candidates preparing for government exams. Also, you can download the national animals and birds PDF for your preparation.

National Animals of All Countries

A national animal is one of the most visible symbols of a country’s natural riches. Several criteria are used to make the decision. The national animal may be chosen depending on how effectively it symbolizes specific characteristics with which a country wishes to be associated. As part of the country’s tradition and culture, it must have a rich past. The animal should be plentiful throughout the country. Generally, a national animal should be indigenous to that country and unique to that country’s identity. It should be aesthetically pleasing. The national animal is also chosen based on its conservation status in order to facilitate improved efforts toward its continued survival as a result of its official status.

List of National Animals of All Countries

A national animal is an animal that serves as a symbol or emblem for a certain country. Below is the list of National Animals of various countries for your reference.

Country Name of animal
Afghanistan Snow leopard
Argentina Rufous hornero
Australia Red kangaroo
Bangladesh Royal Bengal tiger
Bhutan Takin
Canada North American beaver
China Chinese dragon, Giant panda
France Gallic rooster
Germany Bundesadler
Greece Dolphin
India Royal Bengal tiger
Japan Japanese macaque
Kenya Lion
Malaysia Malayan tiger
Maldives Yellowfin tuna
Nepal Cow
Netherlands Lion
New Zealand Kiwi
Oman Arabian oryx
Pakistan Markhor
Russia Eurasian brown bear
Singapore Lion
South Africa Springbok
Spain Bull
Sri Lanka Lion
Thailand Elephant
United Arab Emirates Arabian oryx
United States American bison

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List of National Birds of All Countries

This is a list of national birds, which includes official birds of overseas territories and other countries. The majority of the species on the list are formally designated. Some species have unofficial status.

Country National Bird
Afghanistan Golden Eagle
Argentina Rufous hornero
Australia Emu
Bangladesh Magpie Robin
Bhutan Raven
Canada The Gray Jay
China Red-crowned crane
Germany Eagle
Greece Phoenix
India Indian peacock
Japan Green pheasant

Lilac-breasted roller

Malaysia Rhinoceros Hornbill
Maldives White-breasted waterhen
Nepal Himalayan Monal
Netherlands Black-tailed godwit
New Zealand Kiwi
Oman Barbary falcon
Pakistan Chukar
Russia Double-headed eagle (Traditional Coat of Arms)
Singapore Crimson Sunbird
South Africa Blue crane
Spain Imperial Eagle
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan junglefowl
Thailand Siamese Fireback
United Arab Emirates Peregrine falcon
United States Bald eagle

List of National Animals & Birds PDF

Below we are going to provide you all with the List of National Animals & Birds PDF for your reference. Aspirants can download it and save it for future reference.

> List of National Animals & Birds PDF

National Animals of Countries in Asia

National animals are distinctive to their country, especially in Asia because the continent is so different in terms of people and ecology. As a result, persons from outside the country can assess the country’s natural resources, culture, and other notable traits. As a result, the national animals serve as a source of pride and inspiration for the country’s people.

Country Animal Name Scientific Name
Afghanistan Snow Leopard Panthera Uncia
Armenia Lion Panthera Leo
Azerbaijan Karabakh Horse Equus Ferus Caballus
Bahrain Arabian Oryx Oryx Leucoryx
Bangladesh Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera Tigris Tigris
Bhutan Takin Budorcas Taxicolor
Cambodia Kouprey Bos Sauveli
China Giant Panda Ailuropoda Melanoleuca
India Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera Tigris Tigris
Indonesia Komodo Dragon Varanus Komodoensis
Iran Asiatic Lion Panthera Leo Persica
Iraq Chukar Partridge Alectoris Chukar
Iraq Goat Capra Aegagrus
Israel Israeli Gazelle Gazella Gazella
Jordan Arabian Oryx Oryx Leucoryx
Kuwait Arabian Camel Camelus Dromedarius
Laos Indian Elephant Elephas Maximus Indicus
Lebanon Striped Hyena Hyaena Hyaena
Malaysia Malayan Tiger Panthera Tigris Jacksoni
Maldives Yellowfin Tuna Thunnus Albacares
Myanmar (Burma) Tiger Panthera Tigris
Nepal Cow Bos Taurus
North Korea Chollima Mythic
Oman Arabian Oryx Oryx Leucoryx
Pakistan Markhor Capra Falconeri
Palestine Mountain Gazelle Gazella Gazella
Philippines Carabao Bubalus Bubalis
Qatar Arabian Oryx Oryx Leucoryx
Saudi Arabia Arabian Camel Camelus Dromedarius
Singapore Lion Panthera Leo
South Korea Siberian Tiger Panthera Tigris Altaica
Sri Lanka Lion Panthera Leo
Taiwan Formosan Black Bear Ursus Thibetanus Formosanus
Thailand Thai Elephant Elephas Maximus
Turkey Gray Wolf Canis Lupus
United Arab Emirates Arabian Oryx Oryx Leucoryx
Vietnam Water Buffalo Bubalus Bubalis

National Animal of India


India’s national animal is the Royal Bengal Tiger. These are one of India’s most graceful carnivores, both majestic and lethal. No other animal can match the Royal Bengal tiger’s strength, agility, and grace. It embodies all of these attributes as India’s national animal. Panthera tigris is the scientific name for the Royal Bengal Tiger, the largest of the four Panthera big cats. (Lion, Tiger, Jaguars and Leopards). The Royal Bengal Tiger is one of India’s eight tiger species.

National Animal of Pakistan


The Markhor was chosen as Pakistan’s national animal due to its ability to withstand the hilly terrain and its widespread appearance throughout the country. Markhor is a type of wild goat that can be found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The IUCN first classed it as endangered, however, it was later downgraded to Near Threatened in 2015 due to a 20% rise in population in the previous year. The name is a combination of two Persian words, Mar and Khor, which indicate snake and eater, respectively. The species’ name could have come from its ability to snake or its screw-like horns that mimic a coiling snake.

Markhor is classified into numerous subspecies based on the shape of their horns and the twisting pattern of their horns. Astor markhor with enormous flat horns, Kabul markhor with slightly corkscrewed horns, and Bhukharan markhor are some of the sub-species. A markhor’s age can be easily established by counting the number of rings on the horn.

National Animal of China


It may come as no surprise that the Giant Panda is China’s national animal. Panda iconography is synonymous with the country; they are imprinted on official gold panda coins and served as one of the Olympic mascots in Beijing in 2008. These bears can only be found in China and in a few mountain ranges. They are categorised as vulnerable due to deforestation and habitat degradation and are tragically now dependent on humanitarian assistance for continued survival. The giant panda has been the WWF’s symbol since its foundation in 1961, as well as China’s national animal. It was chosen in part because of its endangered state, but also because it is a highly identifiable and charismatic species.

National Animal of Scotland

The Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal. Prior to 1603, the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland was supported by two unicorns, and the current royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom is supported by a unicorn for Scotland and a lion for England. The unicorn is a popular decoration for mercat crosses. In Forres, Moray, a National Unicorn Museum is being built.


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