How to Increase Question Solving Speed of Quant Section in SSC Exams 2022?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Increase Question-Solving Speed of Quant Section: With the extra competition on the rise, we are here to provide you with a strategy to increase your speed in the Quant Section. Time management is one of the most important tasks in all competitive examinations. We all struggle to attempt maximum questions in the given time to have a niche over other competitors.

In this article, we are sharing important tips to increase the Question-Solving Speed of the Quant Section in SSC Exams 2022-23. These fast calculation techniques are designed by Quant Subject experts. Know here SSC calculation Maths tricks for upcoming SSC CGL 2022-23, SSC CHSL 2022-23 and SSC MTS 2022-23 etc. 

Quantitative aptitude is considered to be one of the toughest parts of any competitive exam. Although most of the candidates are afraid of this section, it can be the most scoring subject if prepared off well and attempted within the given time limit. In order to master this section of the examination, a few core skills need to be developed out of which Speed is a must.

Perfect planning and its proper execution is the key to success in any competitive exam

The above sentence is true while you are preparing for any competitive exam and that is also true when you are trying to crack SSC Exams 2022.

Importance of Speed in Competitive Exams

For answering 100 questions in 60 minutes, one very important factor is speed. Correctly answering questions creates a huge difference between the person who gets selected and the one who does not.

So, we have come up with a basic preparatory strategy for the candidates to make them sharp in attempting all the questions.

How To Boost Your Quant Calculation Speed?

Know your start line

Your AIM must be to know where you stand currently and what is important from an exam standpoint. The idea here is to have a sheet with all the chapters in the exam syllabus listed. Here are some tips to build this list.

Point 1: List down chapters in the order of importance in the exam (less important chapters at the very bottom)

Point 2: Next to each chapter make a mark on whether this is your strong area or weak area.

Improve Your Calculation Speed

A good hold over calculation speed helps in decreasing the time spent on each question. In the meanwhile Good basic calculation skills make all areas of Quant easier and quicker to complete.

Below is the list of the most basic things that you need to learn in order to improve your calculation speed.

Point 1: Calculating in your head can save vital time in exams, but it’s not always easy to do those sums in your head. Don’t get tensed and be in a hurry to solve these sums.

Point 2: Learn the Multiplication Tables from 1 to 30, Squares up to 30 & cubes up to 20. This is the minimum that is required.

Point 3: Look on the internet if there are any shortcut methods for the calculation (or part of the calculation) you are trying to do. Use the formulae and identities to speed up your work.

Point 4: Give yourself a few calculations to do each day, starting easy and gradually getting harder.

Solved just By taking 100 as Base


What is the percentage profit in selling an article for the discount of 20% which was earlier sold for 40% profit?

a) 20%

b) 14%

c) 28%

d) 12%

Solution: let us take Rs.100 as cost of the article. The man was selling the article for Rs140 (100 cost + 40 profit ), now he is selling at a discount of 20%, now 140*20/100 = 28. New selling price = 140-28 = 112
Answer is D

Play with Options


A man bought 18 oranges for 100 rupees and sold 12 oranges for 100 rupees. Calculated profit percentage.

a) 33.333%

b) 50%

c) 66.666%

d) Can’t be determined

Solution: It can be easily seen that man saved 50% of what he sold. He saved 6 oranges while he sold 12 oranges. Clearly answer is 50%

Go Through Previous Year Question Papers

This will help candidates to have an idea of the examination pattern. Aspirants should practice the papers during the revision time so that they can know the time limit and can practice weak areas.

The Practice is the Ultimate Way to Succeed

The final thing you should do is practice more and more. The more you practice the more you develop the understanding. So practice the mock papers available at the official website, sample papers and the best source is the old year’s papers.

Check: List of Important Formulas of Mathematics for SSC and Railway Exams 2022, Download PDF

How to Approach the Quant Section in SSC Exam?

The section consists of questions from topics like ratio and proportion, profit and loss, time, distance and work, average, allegation, elementary mensuration, algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc.

Quant paper is concentrated on the following 5 topics.

  1. Trigonometry
  2. Geometry
  3. Data Interpretation
  4. Algebra
  5. Percentage/ Profit, Loss & Discount

Detailed Analysis of Each Topic

1. Trigonometry

Generally, easy questions are asked from trigonometry. So you need to prepare basic only. But remember the pattern of questions should be SSC Exam. No other exam like NDA, CDA type.

Do you need to learn numerous formulae of Trigonometry?

The answer would be “NO”. You need not remember many formulas. Only 3-4 enough. You need to remember the basics about sin θ, cos θ, tan θ, cot θ, Sec θ, cosec θ and their relationship. Then 3 basic formula and table for θ value of the angle. The most important thing is you must remember the table as most of the questions can be solved by putting values from the table. You need not solve the entire question, just put the value of θ and you will get the answer.

2. Geometry

Geometry in SSC Exam is considered the most important topic. Most of the questions are directly related to properties. We have covered the geometry portion in three Articles.

Article 1: Current article: properties of Lines, Angle, And Triangle

Article 2: Properties of Quadrilateral, Polygon

Articles 3: Properties of Circle, Concept of Triplet, special points to be noted on geometry

Note: In order to make it easy for all the aspirants, we are posting the links below of some important Study Material and Short cuts on above

3.Data Interpretation

You must attempt questions from the Data Interpretation section. Nearly all the D.I. questions are based upon Ratio, Percentage and Average chapters of Arithmetic which you can easily solve and get 6-8 marks within 2-3 minutes.

Here are some important techniques to make Data Interpretation calculations fast.

  • The presentation of data is classified into various categories viz. Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Data Tables, Mixed Graphs, etc.
  • Nearly all DI questions are based upon these three chapters of Mathematics viz. Percentages, Averages and Ratios.
  • All the questions (usually five) are solved from the given set of DI presentation.

We have also discovered that while solving the questions

  • Understanding the various headings of DI table/graph/chart is very important.
  • Data Interpretation depends upon the type of questions asked.
  • Some questions are solved via the reasoning process.
  • And solving some questions helps to solve other questions.

4. Algebra

Its include questions on Algebraic Identities, Factorization & Simplification of Polynomials and Simplification of Fractions. Practising all types of questions from these topics is a must.

5. Percentage/ Profit, Loss & Discount:

You should know the basic rules applied in these chapters. By heart learning formulas and their application would be the perfect way to solve many questions. Basic calculation and approximation concept should be strong as they directly drive the candidate to the right option. Try to use shortcut tricks for saving time.

Note: Around 75% of questions can be easily scored but your preparation should aim to score in those remaining 25% questions which will set on the fine line between your success and another year of struggle.

General Mistakes to Avoid while Attempting Maths

There are a couple of mistakes done by aspirants while attempting the quantitative section in competitive exams. Let us have a look at some common mistakes:

  • Not Reading Questions Completely: In the quant section, this is one of the silliest mistake made by students. In a hurry to solve questions faster, aspirants don’t read questions clearly and end up making mistakes. This problem can cause frustration as even after solving the question methodically, you will not get the relevant option. And then, it becomes a herculean task to identify as to where you went wrong. Hence, read twice before you go ahead and start solving.
  • Avoid Risky Shortcuts: If you have practised a particular shortcut or trick on lot many questions during your preparation then go ahead. But, if you have just read some shortcut or any trick during the last term of your preparation, avoid using it in the exam as you do not know the conditions in which this particular shortcut can be applied. Solve the question using a conventional way even if it takes more time.
  • Guess Work: Absolutely avoid any guesswork as negative marking is the main point to be kept in mind as far as competitive exams are concerned

Choice of Proper Study Material is Necessary

Are you confused about which site to visit regularly to get the Best Study Material for SSC Exams?

The answer to this question is very simple. We here at BYJU’S Exam Prep provide you with the best material possible for SSC Exams. We also look for feedback from the users and try to provide the notes which aspirants require and ask for.

Check Your Knowledge here by attempting our quizzes

Topic Quiz Link
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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Work a little extra and success will surely be yours as it’s the little things that make a BIG difference!

If you follow the above tips and strategies, you will be able to master the quant section soon. You should always remember that practice makes a man perfect and that nobody gets everything right all the time.

Trust yourself, on your abilities and on your strength. Be always self-motivated whatever the situation may be. Never lose your hope. Trust on your hard work: one day you will surely achieve your goal

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