List of Important SSC Math Formulas for SSC and Railway Exams 2023, Download PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC Maths Formula: In Railway & SSC Exams, Mathematics has an important role to play. Around 25 questions are asked in the SSC CGL, RRB Group D, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, etc exams. If you are clear with your basics, this section can help you increase your overall score in the quantitative aptitude section. The foremost step is to know all the SSC Math formulas. To help you prepare efficiently, we are going to provide you with the SSC Maths Formula PDF with the list of all important formulas & short tricks. Download this Maths Formulas PDF for Competitive Exams from the link given below.

SSC Math Formulas

Aspirants are often on the lookout for easy ways to remember SSC Maths formula and short tips and tricks to solve quant questions. If you are one of them, fret not, we got you. There are 25 questions asked in the Quantitative Aptitude section of Railway and SSC Exams, and some of the most important topics are as follows:

  1. Speed, Distance & Time
  2. Profit & Loss
  3. Percentage
  4. Average
  5. Algebra
  6. Partnership
  7. Time, work & wages
  8. Geometry
  9. Mensuration 2 D and 3 


One of the most important Math topics of SSC CGL, Algebra is considered tough because of the complexity of the questions. However, having some of the basic SSC algebra formulas and short tricks up your sleeves will make you a pro in this topic. Below, we have mentioned a few SSC Maths formula for Algebra that every aspirant must know about.

List of Important SSC Math Formulas for SSC and Railway Exams 2023, Download PDF

Speed Time and Distance


Speed is simply defined as the distance covered per unit of time. Mathematically, it is defined as :

  • Speed Distance Travelled / Time Taken
  • The SSC Math formula of Time in terms of distance and Speed: Time = Distance/ Speed
  • The SSC Math formula of Distance in terms of Speed and Time: Distance = (Speed X Time) 
  • It is very important to know the importance of the unit while solving these kinds of problems.

SI Unit for Speed: Meter per second

SI Unit for Distance: Meter

SI Unit for Time: Second 

All the formulas of speed, time, and distance are interrelated. One needs to connect the information given in the problems wisely and this can be done easily with good practice.

Profit, Loss, and Discount: 

Profit, Loss, and Discount is yet another crucial topic of the Arithmetic section of Quantitative Aptitude. You may also find the application of this topic in certain Data Interpretation questions as well.


The percentage is an important part of Quantitative Aptitude. Whether it is DI, Profit & Loss, SI-CI, or Allegation, etc. one can easily attempt the questions from all these topics if they know the basic SSC Math formulas for percentage. You can go through the basics of percentage and SSC percentage questions asked in previous year’s papers to get a better hang of it. We will study the percentage in two parts. In this article, we will discuss the basics of the percentage.

A percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It is a proportion per hundred.
1. When we say 35 percent in mathematical notation we write 35%.
2. When we want to express this in mathematical form, 35% means 35 per 100 or (35/100).
Important: 50% of 20 can be written 20% of 50 as well.
You can also represent % into decimal, 50% = 0.5


The result obtained by adding several quantities together and then dividing this total by the number of quantities is called Average.

The main term of average is an equal distribution of value among all which may distribute persons or things. We obtain the average of a number using a formula that is the sum of observations divided by the number of observations. Around 3-4 average questions are asked in SSC exams. Hence, you must memorize the SSC math formula for average which we have mentioned below.

SSC Math Formula for Average:

  • Average: = (Sum of observations / Number of observations).


Trigonometry formulas are sets of different formulas involving trigonometric identities, used to solve problems based on the sides and angles of a right-angled triangle. These trigonometry formulas include trigonometric functions like sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent for given angles. 

List of Important SSC Math Formulas for SSC and Railway Exams 2023, Download PDF

SSC Maths Formula PDF

Knowing all the tricks and important Maths formulas for SSC and Railway exams is important as it will boost your speed. It will also improve the techniques and skills to solve Maths problems with confidence. Below, we have provided the direct link to download SSC Maths Formula PDF in Hindi and English.

Benefits of Downloading Mathematics Formula PDF For Competitive Exam

It is important to have all the SSC Maths formulas at one place to ensure that you don’t forget to revise anything at the last minute. Also, downloading the mathematics formula PDF for competitive exams will help you solve questions easily and quickly which will eventually help you improve your scores.

This SSC Math Formula PDF comprises all the formulas that one must know to sail through any competitive exam. Be it SSC CGL, RRB Group D, or RRB NTPC, this PDF will cognizant you with all the important SSC maths formula that will definitely help you crack the exam with much ease!

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