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Profit Loss & Discount

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Question 1

After offering a discount of 20% on an article, a trader earned a profit of 20%. If the cost price is Rs.300, then what will be the selling price of the article after offering a discount of 25%?

Question 2

Ramesh sold his scooter to Suresh for Rs. 13500 hereby gaining 12.5% in the deal. Suresh spend Rs. 1500 on the scooter and after using it for some time he sold it back to Ramesh at 20% loss. Find the profit of Ramesh in this overall deal.

Question 3

A shopkeeper purchased a chair marked at ₹ 600 at two successive discounts of 15% and 30% respectively. He spent ₹ 287 on transportation and sold the chair for ₹ 545. His loss percent was

Question 4

A man sells two fans at the same price. On one he gain 20% and losses 20% on the other. His overall gain or loss is

Question 5

If the cost price of 10 articles is equal to the sales price of 16 articles, then the gain or loss per cent is

Question 6

A ₹750 tin of cheese is offered at 8% discount and a ₹1,250 tin of butter at 20% discount. If we buy 5 tins of cheese and 3 tins of butter, what is the effective discount we get (in %)?

Question 7

A milk merchant buys 50 litres of milk at the rate of ₹40 per litre and mixes 5 litres of water in it. If he sells this mixture at the rate of ₹42 per litre, then what is the profit percentage for the dealer?

Question 8

The difference between the selling prices of an article at a profit of 15% and at a profit of 10% is Rs 10. The cost price of the article is

Question 9

A trader gets 20% profit by selling an article. If he buys at half the rate and sells at the same selling price as before, then what will be his percentage profit?

Question 10

The selling price of an article is Rs. 1920 and the discount given is 4% The marked price of the article is
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