How to Prepare Reasoning for RRB NTPC Exam?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

RRB NTPC Reasoning: Lakhs of candidates participate in the RRB NTPC exam. To qualify the exam, ample preparation is a must. RRB NTPC Reasoning is the most underestimated subject when it comes to exam preparation. It is generally neglected by the aspirant. Well, many of us do not give much importance to the subject thinking that it can be prepared in a few days prior to the exam. But the truth is that it is scoring only if you practice it with the same zeal that you show in preparing for other subjects. 

Candidates should ensure to have a proper strategy for RRB NTPC reasoning preparation. It is essential to ensure success in the exam as Reasoning is the section that can improve your overall score. Check out important topics and tips for RRB NTPC reasoning section below.

RRB NTPC Reasoning

Candidates who are preparing for RRB NTPC exam should prepare each section properly. It is important to note that there are 30 questions from the Reasoning section carrying 30 marks in the exam. Candidates are awarded 1 mark for each correct answer however, there is also a negative marking of 0.33 marks, which makes proper preparation pertinent.

In this article, we have discussed all the relevant details that will help candidates master the RRB NTPC reasoning section. Refer to the syllabus and RRB NTPC reasoning preparation tips below to perform well in the exam.

RRB NTPC Reasoning Syllabus

Knowing the RRB NTPC Syllabus is an essential part of your preparation strategy. Candidates should be well-acquainted with the important topics of RRB NTPC reasoning syllabus before they start preparing. It will help them prepare in an efficient manner by narrowing down the scope of their overall preparation. Refer to the RRB NTPC important topics below.

RRB NTPC Reasoning Syllabus

Statements & Conclusion

Blood Relation

Clock & Calendar

Ranking & Order





Paper Folding


Word Formation

Mathematical Operations

Missing Number

Rearrangement of Alphabets (to form a meaningful word)

Distance & Direction

How to Prepare Reasoning for RRB NTPC

Having a topic-wise approach towards preparing for the RRB NTPC reasoning section will be helpful in gaining efficiency. It is important to have speed as well as accuracy when preparing for the exam, hence, candidates should follow an efficient approach while their RRB NTPC reasoning preparation. Refer to the tips below for topic-wise strategy.

Statements & Conclusion: This is one such topic that tests one’s ability to draw conclusions from the provided statements. However, if you do not take the statement to be true and apply your own knowledge then you may lose points. To avoid this problem take the statements to be true as they are, and based on that try to draw a conclusion. 

Blood Relation: Apply Blood Relation by making a family tree. It will make it easier.

Clock & Calendar: There are some tips and tricks for this topic. You must learn them and apply them wherever possible.

Ranking & Order: Candidates must go through the topic once and avoid applying the wrong formula or calculating using the wrong data in haste. 

Analogy: In this section, you have to relate the meaning of the question and choose the answer out of the given options. Always go through all the given options. Sometimes, we change our answers after going through all the options.  Follow the given systematic approach to find out the answer.

Classification: This section is all about finding the odd option i.e. words or letters or numbers that are different from the remaining three options. For this, you must know the basics like squares or cubes or prime numbers or static GK, etc. You must be able to differentiate all the aspects asked.

Paper Folding: Try to be attentive while attempting these questions as the options are very similar. If you get confused, just tear a small piece of paper and apply the directions given in the question. You will get the answer in 10 seconds.

Matrix: Do not waste time on this question just try to eliminate options and reach the answer as early as possible. 

Mathematical Operations: Follow the BODMAS rule. Do not solve the question in haste. 

Coding-Decoding: Try to decode the pattern by going through the data given in the question.

Dictionary: Four or five words will be given in the question. Follow the alphabetical order & arrange all words according to the order of words in the dictionary.

Series: Different kinds of series are asked in the examination. You must acquaint yourself with all the kinds by practicing on a daily basis. 

Word Formation: It is the easiest one but you may be confused about can be formed and cannot be formed. Read the question carefully.

Missing Number: Be careful while attempting this question. Try as many as patterns you can but fast. 

Distance & Direction: Assume any direction and solve the question according to that assumed direction. Make the basic direction North, West, East, and South chart and then apply the question in the diagram.

Alphabet rearrangement: This is one of the favorite topics among students. Here, you have to arrange the alphabet to form a meaningful word. This is solely based on your practice and word knowledge. Sometimes, questions are formed wherein you have to find out the number of meaningful words that can be formed after word rearrangement.

RRB NTPC Reasoning Preparation Tips and Strategy

Candidates should also follow the below-mentioned RRB NTPC preparation tips reasoning section. These tips will help you optimally prepare for the exam and cover the maximum syllabus in minimum time.

Maintain your diary of notes

Maintaining your own notes is the best possible way to tackle any subject. You can go through various video lessons on BYJU’S Exam Prep to enhance your learning. Go through this diary daily until it gets imprinted into every nerve fiber of your brain.

Analyze your weaknesses

If you are stuck on one or two topics, try to work on them the same day. Do not pile the topics for the future. Start Today!!!

Go through the study lessons

We have provided free video lessons on different topics concerning the subject. You can go through them and prepare accordingly. 

Solve RRB NTPC Reasoning Previous Year Papers

It is advisable for every aspirant to go through various previous years’ papers to check the level of the questions asked in the examination. Do not waste your precious money on buying books rather download the RRB NTPC previous year papers and start practicing each section straight away. You can then follow it up with mock tests. 

Practice Mock Tests and Quizzes

Practicing quizzes is the only way to master this subject. Continuous practice of quizzes and RRB NTPC mock tests will eventually reflect on your final scores. 

Gain confidence by practicing mock tests on a weekly basis. This will help you in gaining confidence and not repeat the same mistakes in the final exam. It will also help you in knowing your strong and weak areas. Make it a habit of taking mock tests at least twice a week for better results.

RRB NTPC Reasoning Questions

RRB NTPC Reasoning questions will provide candidates with a good grip on their concepts. It will also help candidates know about their preparation level. We will be providing the RRB NTPC reasoning questions PDF here soon. In the meanwhile, check some of the practice questions below.

1. If HEALTH is coded as IDBKUG then HOSPITAL is coded as

Sol: (D)

2. If STUDENT is coded as NVPFZPO then TEACHER is Coded as:

Sol: (A)

3. Select the pair related to the given options in the first pair.
UAE : DIRHAM :: KOREA : ______

Sol: (C)

4. John said, ‘Sharon is the daughter of only son of my Grandmother’. How Sharon is related with John?
(A) Sister
(B) Maternal Aunt
(C) Cousin
(D) Mother

Sol: (A)

5. Vijay introduced Sharmila as the daughter of the only Granddaughter of his maternal Grandmother. How is Vijay related to Sharmila?
(A) Father
(B) Cousin
(C) Grandfather
(D) Maternal Uncle

Sol: (D)

6. Read the statements and select a Conclusion from the given alternatives.
Statements :
Some bottles are boxes.
Some boxes are crows.
Some crows are red.
Conclusions :
1) Some bottles are red
2) No box is red
3) No bottle is red
4) Some boxes are red
(A) Either 2 or 4 follows
(B) Only 1 and 2 follow
(C) Either 1 or 3 and either 2 or 4 follow
(D) Either 1 or 3 follows

Sol: (C)

7. If two plane mirrors are kept at an angle of 120 degrees to each other, then how many images will be formed?

Sol: No. of images = 360/x-1
= 360/120-1
= 3-1
= 2 images

RRB NTPC Reasoning Books

Candidates should refer to RRB NTPC books to help prepare in an efficient manner. Referring to these books will help candidates understand important concepts also practice questions. Refer to the books provided below for RRB NTPC Reasoning preparation.

NTPC Book for Reasoning



Lucent Publication

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Arihant Publications

Analytical Reasoning

MK Pandey

We hope you gained an idea about how to prepare for the Reasoning for the RRB NTPC exam. Keep checking this space for more updates and preparation tips.


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