Coding Decoding Questions For RRB NTPC 2022 Exam, Download PDF in Hindi/English

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Coding-Decoding Questions for RRB NTPC 2022 Exam: Coding-Decoding is considered one of the most important topics of RRB NTPC Syllabus CBT-2 and it is also asked in other Railways & SSC Exams 2022. Through this topic, candidates’ ability to decode the rule which is applied for coding a particular message and break the code to reveal the message is tested. The questions from this topic include Numerical Coding, Alphabet Coding, Symbol-based Coding, Numerical Coding, Alphabet-Symbol-Numerical Coding, Values Coding, Decipher Coding, Substitution Coding, etc. Read through this post to check the most important coding-decoding questions for RRB NTPC exam. Also, we have provided the direct link to download Coding-Decoding Questions PDF below.

The RRB NTPC Syllabus is really vast and candidates need to cover the entire curriculum to ace the Railway exam. There’s one topic that holds the maximum weightage i.e. Coding-Decoding. At least 4 questions are asked on this topic. However, candidates need not worry as the level of these questions is very easy and practising the below given coding-decoding questions for RRB NTPC will clear your concepts and enhance your performance exponentially.

In this post, we have provided some tips and tricks on how to solve coding-decoding questions along with over 50 questions for practice. We have also provided the coding-decoding questions PDF for Railway with solutions.

Coding-Decoding Questions PDF Download

Candidates can download the Coding-Decoding Questions PDF with their answers for the RRB NTPC 2022 Exam for Free from the link given below: 

Coding-Decoding Questions PDF for RRB NTPC/ Group D Exam (English)

Coding-Decoding Questions PDF for RRB NTPC/Group D Exam (हिंदी)

Coding-Decoding Questions for RRB NTPC

1. In a certain code language, ‘dee due tic’ is written as ‘roses are red’, ‘bil doe’ is written as ‘yellow carnations’ and ‘tic dur doe’ is written as ‘carnations are pink’. What is the code for ‘pink’ is that language?

A. doe
B. tic
C. dur
D. dee
Solution: ‘dee due tic’ = ‘roses are red’_________(1)

‘bil doe’ = ‘yellow carnations’ ___________(2)

‘tic dur doe’ = ‘carnations are pink’_________(3)

‘are’ and ‘tic’ are common in (1) and (3), so ‘are’ = ‘tic’

‘carnations’ and ‘doe’ are common in (2) and (3),

So, ‘carnations’ = ‘doe’

from (3), ‘pink’ = ‘dur’

Hence, the correct option is C.

2. If KIND is written as 20 and MOBILE is coded as 42, then how will you write PRIMARY in the same language?

A. 42
B. 36
C. 56
D. 78
Solution: The logic behind the code language is – the number of letters in the word multiplied by its succeeding number.

i.e. In KIND – there are 4 letters

So, 4 × 5 = 20


MOBILE = 6 × 7 = 42


PRIMARY = 7 × 8 = 56

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

3. If EFMIJ means DELHI, then find the last letter of IQBOS after decoding –

A. T
B. R
C. K
D. M
Solution: E (-1) = D
F (-1) = E
M (-1) = L
I (-1) = H
J (-1) = I
I (-1) = H
Q (-1) = P
B (-1) = A
O (-1) = N
S (-1) = R 

Thus, R is the last letter.

Hence, option B is the correct answer.

4. In a code language. RAMAYANA is written as ANAYAMAR. How will MAHABHARAT be written in that language?


Logic: Letter has been written in reverse order.




Hence, the correct answer is option A.

5. In a certain code language, COMPUTRONE is written as PMOCTUENOR. How are ADVANTAGES written in that code?



Logic: The first four letters, the middle two letters and the last four letters of the word are written in a reverse order to form the code.
COMPUTRONE is written as:-
So, “COMPUTRONE” is coded as “PMOCTUENOR”.
ADVANTAGES is written as:-
So, “ADVANTAGES” is coded as “AVDATNSEGA”.
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

6. If NASCENT is written as 2734526, how is SENTENCE written in that code?

A. 35265235
B. 35256245
C. 35265245
D. 35256275

NASCENT → 2734526,
N → 2; A → 7; S → 3; C → 4; E → 5; N → 2; T → 6
Using the number codes of the above letters we get:
S → 3; E → 5; N → 2; T → 6; E → 5; N → 2; C → 4; E → 5
So, SENTENCE → 35265245
Hence, option C is the correct answer.

Tips and Tricks to Solve Coding-Decoding Questions in RRB NTPC 2022 Exam

Here are some tips and tricks to solve Coding-Decoding Questions for RRB NTPC Exam:

  • Read the question carefully and jot down the key codes
  • Comprehend the question first through the basic concepts
  • Try to find a sequence or pattern in the question
  • Carefully observe the numbers or alphabets given in the question
  • A similar type of decoding can be applied to multiple questions and try to solve the questions through the same method
  • Practice different variety of Coding and Decoding questions
  • Attempt mock tests consistently and evaluate your performance and improve your weak areas

Coding-Decoding Quiz for RRB NTPC 2022 Exam

To enhance your practice, you can attempt these coding-decoding free quizzes for RRB NTPC exam, the link for which is provided below:

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