How to Clear SSC CHSL in the First Attempt?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

How to Clear SSC CHSL in First Attempt? SSC CHSL is just around the corner. Going by the latest announcement, the Staff Selection Commission is all set to conduct SSC CHSL exam anytime soon. While some aspirants must be in the last leg of their preparation, others might be looking for practical preparation tips to clear SSC CHSL in the first attempt.

It goes without saying that cracking the SSC CHSL exam is a daunting task and one must have an effective preparation strategy up their sleeves to crack it. So, to help you out, here we have revealed the secret to clear SSC CHSL on the first attempt! All aspirants are advised to follow these tips to ace the exam with flying colours. 

How to Clear SSC CHSL in First Attempt?

The full form of SSC CHSL is Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level. It is one of the most competitive exams that is held annually to recruit lower-division clerks and data entry operators in various government offices. Lakhs of candidates appear for this exam which leads to increasing cut-off marks with each passing year. Thus, it is imperative for the aspirants to prepare thoroughly if they want to clear SSC CHSL in first attempt.
Aspirants must begin by getting familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern. As per the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern, this exam is divided into two stages called tiers. Tier 1 is an objective type test that will be qualifying in nature and will be conducted in online mode. The questions are asked from four different sections: Quantitative Aptitude, English, General Awareness, and General Intelligence. The detailed paper pattern of SSC CHSL Tier 1 is presented below. 

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Pattern 


SSC CHSL Tier 2 Exam Pattern

After clearing tier 1, candidates will be asked to appear for SSC CHSL Tier 2. It is an objective type exam which is divided into 2 sessions. The detailed exam pattern for SSC CHSL Tier 2 is tabulated below.



Number of



Time allotted


Section I

Module 1: Mathematical Abilities

Module 2: Reasoning and General Intelligence.



Total = 60


= 180

1 hour

(for each section)

(1 hour and 20 minutes for the candidates eligible for scribe as per Para-8.1 and 8.2)

Section II

Module 1: English

Language and Comprehension

Module 2: General Awareness



Total = 60


= 180

Section III

Module 1: Computer Knowledge Module



= 45

15 Minutes

(20 minutes for the candidates eligible for a scribe as per Para-8.1 and 8.2)


Section 3:

Module 2: Skill Test/ Typing Test Module

Part A: Skill Test for DEOs.

15 Minutes

(20 minutes for the candidates eligible for a scribe as per Para 8.1 and 8.2)

Part B: Typing Test for LDC/ JSA.

10 Minutes

(15 minutes for the candidates eligible for scribe as per Para 8.1 and 8.2)

  • Session 2 will include Section 3 i.e Skill test/typing test for the post of DEO, LDC, and JSA.
  • Candidates need to ensure that they qualify each section of Tier 2 to be eligible for their desired posts.

Tips to Clear SSC CHSL in First Attempt

SSC CHSL is a highly competitive and prestigious examination that is held annually to recruit higher secondary qualified students into different government departments. Every year, lakhs of candidates appear for it which means cracking it is not at all a cakewalk! But fret not! Here we have listed some important tips that will help you clear SSC CHSL in First Attempt!

Notification Evaluation: 

To learn more about the latest syllabus, examination pattern, and other selection criteria, candidates should read the official notification that comes with the application form. They should thoroughly review the syllabus for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams before beginning preparation. Aside from the syllabus, it contains some mandatory guidelines that you must follow. If you do not follow these rules/regulations specifically designed for attending exams, such as SSC CHSL eligibility, age criteria with relaxed and non-relaxed norms, you will be disqualified, or your candidature may be canceled.

Books Selection:

Books are anyone’s best friend, as the saying goes. So, in order to excel in your preparation, always select the best books. It is strongly advised to only refer to standard books for all subjects separately or combined depending on market availability. The most important feature of standard books is that they thoroughly cover all topics and concepts, from the easiest to the most difficult questions.

Previous Year Papers and Mock Tests 

Previous year question papers are essential to practise before taking any stage of the SSC CHSL exam. It is always preferable to test your knowledge level in order to make further improvements. Schedule time for SSC CHSL mock tests or online test series on a regular basis. You can take any mock test available in the market or on the internet. Practicing mock tests/online test series will help you plan your preparation and improve in your weak areas. These are critical for more thoughtful and meaningful preparation. It also boosts your confidence while brushing up on your concepts and prior knowledge.

Don’t Guess

The first and most important rule to remember when taking the exam is to avoid answering questions incorrectly. Giving incorrect answers results in a half-mark deduction from the final score. This may reduce your chances of passing the Tier-1 round and may disqualify you from the next phase of the examination. Therefore, it is advisable to answer only those questions in which you are more confident about and ‘Avoid playing guessing games’.

SWOT Method to Clear SSC CHSL in First Attempt

Cracking SSC CHSL in the first attempt is a daunting task as the competition level is very high and the SSC CHSL cut off is increasing with each passing year. So, in order to sail through it smoothly, you must follow the SWOT method for better planning. SWOT is an abbreviation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis. It is an analysis tool used by organizations to analyze their own internal strengths and weaknesses and also to study their external opportunities and threats. We have to use this SWOT concept very cleverly to complete our SSC CHSL preparation in 60 days. This is a very simple method, you can apply this to your life too.

How to apply the SWOT method in your preparation?


Strengths: First of all attempt few mock tests and analyze your strong areas. Know in which subject or topics you have a commanding position. For example, if you are good at Mathematics then you should count this as your advantage. For this portion, you only need regular practice. This will give you ample amount of time to strengthen your weaker sections.

Weaknesses: Now, let’s discuss the second important SWOT concept. Find out your weaknesses and then you should attempt the mock test and subject-wise quizzes. It could be anything like your inability to complete a mock test in time or it could be any subject. After finding out your weak area write it down in your notebook so that you never forget it.

Opportunities: Having right study material and a proper SSC CHSL study plan in place, you can easily clear SSC CHSL in first attempt. Also, you must attempt mock tests and quizzes to improve your overall score.

Threats: Threats can be of many types like unexpected questions, overconfidence, unawareness about topics, etc. You can easily overcome these threats if you follow the below subject-wise SSC CHSL preparation strategy.

After applying, the SWOT method you know where you stand and now you can plan your preparation for SSC CHSL Exam accordingly. Now, this is the time to follow the second step of our preparation strategy i.e., the subject-wise process for the SSC CHSL Exam. 

How to Clear SSC CHSL in First Attempt: Subject-wise Preparation Strategy

SSC CHSL comprises 4 subjects- General Intelligence, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness. Here, we have discussed the preparation strategy for each section. But before jumping onto it, you should remember that you must focus on building a strong foundation in each subject by referring to the best books and practising SSC CHSL previous year question papers. Also, you must assess your preparation level regularly by taking mock tests and solving practice questions.

SSC CHSL General Awareness

Let’s take a glimpse at the syllabus of General Awareness for the SSC CHSL 2023 Exam:


General Awareness is one of the most important scoring sections asked in the SSC CHSL exam. Most of the students always take GA on a lighter note, not realizing the importance of this section. General Awareness questions can be solved within 6-8 minutes if prepared well, saving you enough time for the rest of the portions.

  • Static GK covers 40% of the GA portion, so don’t neglect it and learn it thoroughly. You should make a list of all the important static GK topics to enhance your overall score.
  • Keep an eye on the latest happenings all around the world as a lot of questions are asked from the Current Affairs section.
  • Prepare notes of important days & dates, book and authors, award winners, economy news, corporate affairs, etc and revise them meticulously to keep yourselves perfect in General Awareness.
  • Don’t forget to practice from previous year question papers.
  • Another great option to prepare GK well is to go through magazines focusing on General Knowledge. 

SSC CHSL General Intelligence and Reasoning

We have enlisted the syllabus for General Intelligence and Reasoning section in the table below:


The reasoning section is one of the important sections for most competitive exams. This is generally high scoring section, you can easily master Reasoning for SSC CHSL Exam by practising more and more questions

  • One thumb rule to master this section by practising a lot of sample papers, mock tests and previous year question papers.
  • Work on your weak topics by solving topic-wise quizzes provided by BYJU’S Exam Prep

SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude

Before jumping on to the Quantitative Aptitude preparation strategy, take a look at its syllabus.


The mathematics section is the most important portion and can be a deciding factor for a candidate overall performance. If you have a decent knowledge of basic concepts of Mathematics, this section will be your favorite and highest-scoring section.

  • Take every SSC CHSL practice test as seriously as you would while sitting in the main exam. Check how much time you are taking to solve the questions.
  • Practice daily from BYJU’S Exam Prep’s subject-wise quizzes
  • Analyze your weak areas and work on them. 
  • Have a list of formulae that are important, and make sure that you memorize them all.

SSC CHSL English Language & Comprehension

The syllabus for the English Language is stated below:


The English Language & Comprehension section is considered the most challenging section for most students.

  • We also suggest you not mug up the vocabulary.
  • Comprehensions asked in SSC CHSL Exam are comparatively easy. You need to practice one passage daily, to make sure you score well in this part.
  • Idioms should be attempted by eliminating other options. A basic sense of correctness can help a lot in this section.

We are sure, if you follow these points seriously you will easily crack the SSC CHSL 2023 Exam on the first attempt.

Best Books for SSC CHSL 2023

SSC CHSL Books are essential for preparing for the Combined Higher Secondary Level. However, when narrowing down the book list for the exam, candidates must exercise caution because selecting the right study material is critical to scoring well.

Referring to these SSC CHSL books for preparation will save you from confusion as there are tons of books available in the market.


Best Book for SSC CHSL


Objective General English by SP Bakshi

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

General Awareness

Lucent G.K. by Dr. Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul

General Intelligence & Reasoning

Lucent Reasoning by Arihant Publication

Quantitative Aptitude

Magical Books on Quicker Maths

How to Evaluate Study Progress for SSC CHSL Exam?

Learning Evaluation: As an SSC CHSL aspirant, you must monitor your learning progress and evaluate your preparation on a regular basis (weekly and monthly). You can prepare for this by taking a practice test and answering previous questions on a specific topic. You must assess your ability to answer questions correctly (100% correct or 50% correct), as well as how many questions you were unable to answer. You can reschedule that topic for study or revision based on the test results for that topic as you prepare for the SSC CHSL exam. 

Speed Evaluation: SSC CHSL Mock tests are the best tools for evaluating and improving speed. As a result, you must complete papers within a specific time frame and assess your performance. You should strive to get better with each test you take. 

SSC CHSL Success Mantra

SSC CHSL is a highly competitive exam and can be cleared if the aspiring candidate has the following qualities:

  • Winner’s mindset and attitude.

  • Confidence in self.

  • The will and fortitude to work hard to win.

  • A single focus on strategy and the preparation process.


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