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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CHSL Geography Questions: The Staff Selection Commission is going to conduct the CHSL Tier 1 exam to recruit Lower Division Clerks, Data Entry Operators in various government organizations in the month of February/March 2023. Tier 1 comprises 4 sections: English, General Awareness, General Intelligence & Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. Of these, General Awareness is one of the toughest yet scoring sections and to score well in this section you need to cannot turn a blind eye towards Geography.

Geography is one of the most important subjects of SSC CHSL General Awareness. So, to help you with the same, here we have compiled all the information related to Geography for SSC CHSL. Also, we have provided SSC CHSL Geography Questions, important topics, syllabus along with the direct link to download SSC CHSL Geography Questions PDF.

SSC CHSL Geography

All competitive exams include questions from the General Awareness subject, which includes history, politics, geography, and current events. This section is included in both tier 1 and tier 2 exams. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to put a keen focus on all the subjects included in General Awareness.

As per the previous year SSC CHSL analysis, a total of 6-7 geography questions are asked in the exam. Hence, candidates must memorize all the geography topics for SSC CHSL thoroughly. To ace the Geography for SSC CHSL, you must study on a daily basis and take daily quizzes. In order to score better you should analyze your weak points and work on them to improve your exam performance and prepare better.

SSC Geography Syllabus

The first and foremost thing that every aspirant must do is thoroughly understand the Geography Syllabus. The SSC CHSL Syllabus for Geography is divided into five sections, which are as follows:

  1. General Geography & Physical Features
  2. Climate, Soil & Vegetation
  3. Drainage System
  4. Economic Geography
  5. Human Geography

SSC CHSL Geography Topics

Analyzing the questions that appeared in previous years’ Tier 1 CBT exam of SSC CHSL, we can see that some geography topics have been repeated. Let’s take a look at the list of topics that are frequently asked in SSC CHSL exam.

  • Wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and wetlands
  • Mountain ranges, rivers, and tributaries
  • Important mountain passes
  • Types of forests and vegetation
  • Solar system
  • The atmosphere and its Layer
  • Landforms created by river and glacier systems
  • Landforms created by wind and water action
  • Indian Soil and Agriculture
  • Major sea ports and airports
  • Important Boundary Lines
  • Important dams and power plants

SSC Geography Questions

Do you want to know what kinds of SSC Geography Questions are asked in the exam? Geography is such a broad subject, there are a variety of questions asked from this section. We have included a few SSC CHSL Geography questions for your reference to help you get a better understanding of what kind of questions you can expect from in the exam.

1. Which of the following is the longest river of Nepal?

A. Trishuli
B. Arun
C. Tamor
D. Karnali

Answer ||| D

2. Which of the following rivers forms the part of the India-Bangladesh border, originates from South Tripura district, and flows into Bangladesh?

A. Surma river
B. Kaveri river
C. Sangu river
D. Feni river

Answer ||| D

3. Which of the following countries has the highest peak named Keokradong?

A. Bangladesh
B. Bhutan
C. Sri Lanka
D. Myanmar

Answer ||| A

4. Chittagong Hill Tracts are found in which of the following countries?

A. Bangladesh
B. Bhutan
C. India
D. Nepal

Answer ||| A

5.W hich one of the following is the longest river of Nepal?

A. River Narayani
B. River Karnali
C. River Koshi
D. River Seti

Answer ||| B

6.’Pidurutlagal’ is the highest mountain peak of which country?

A. Nepal
B. Sri Lanka
C. Bhutan
D. Myanmar

Answer ||| B

7. In which of the following states is the Khetri Copper Belt located?

A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Jharkhand
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Rajasthan

Answer ||| D

8. In India, how many sedimentary basins are there which cover an area of 3.14 million km2?

A. 10
B. 19
C. 28
D. 26

Answer ||| D

9. Which of the following hills is situated in Assam?

A. Javadi Hills
B. Karbi Anglong Hills
C. Shevaroy Hills
D. Aravali Hills

Answer ||| B

10. Which is India’s largest brackish water lake?

A. Pulicat Lake
B. Harike
C. Chilika Lake
D. Loktak lake

Answer ||| C

SSC CHSL Geography Previous Year Questions

We have compiled a list of SSC CHSL Geography Previous Year Questions for you all. You can refer to the questions given below and prepare them in order to prepare well for the upcoming SSC CHSL exam.

1. Which water body is the world’s third largest ocean spread over an area of 70,560,000 km2 on the earth’s surface?

A. Atlantic Ocean
B. Pacific Ocean
C. Southern Ocean
D. Indian Ocean

Answer ||| D

2. Death Valley is a desert valley in the ________ that is the hottest and driest place with a world record highest air temperature of 134°F.

A. Mojave Desert of California
B. Atacama Desert of Chile
C. Lut Desert of Iran
D. Sahara Desert of Africa

Answer ||| A

3. What layer of Earth’s mantle lies beneath the lithosphere that has enough pressure and heat to allow rocks to flow like a liquid with a viscous, caramel-like consistency?

A. Asthenosphere
B. Mesosphere
C. Troposphere
D. Exosphere

Answer ||| A

4. Which part of the ocean layer is the flattest and smoothest in the world?

A. Trenches
B. Continental slope
C. Deep sea plains
D. Continental shelf

Answer ||| C

5. Fotu La, the Great Mountain Pass, at an altitude of 4108 m above sea level, is the highest point of which Indian state/UT?

A. Ladakh
B. Jammu and Kashmir
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Sikkim

Answer ||| B

6. What is a good way to measure the population density of fish found in lakes?

A. The number of fish caught per trap
B. The number of tadpoles trapped
C. The oxygen density
D. The growth of zooplanktons

Answer ||| A

7. According to Köppen’s climate classification scheme, dry climates are subdivided using the capital letter S for semi-arid regions or steppe and W for ________ region.

A. highland
B. desert
C. winter dry
D. wet

Answer ||| B

8. With reference to the major regions of the northern plains, Bhabar is:

A. the older alluvium along the river beds forming terraces higher than the flood plain
B. a narrow belt of about 8 to 16 km that runs in the west-east direction along the foot of the Himalayas from the river Indus to Teesta
C. composed of newer alluvium and forms flood plains along the river banks
D. a broad long zone of northern India and southern Nepal running parallel to the lower ranges of the Himalayas

Answer ||| B

9. Which river in India flows through a rift valley?

A. Periyar
B. Narmada
C. Penganga
D. Son

Answer ||| B

10. Areas like the southern part of Gujarat, eastern Tamil Nadu, northeast peninsula covering Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, and East Madhya Pradesh receive rainfall between _________.

A. 200-300 cm
B. 250-350 cm
C. 50-100 cm
D. 100-200 cm

Answer ||| D

11. In India, from where do the tropical cyclones, which enter the Indian subcontinent from the west and the northwest during the winter months, originate?

A. Over the Gulf of Khambhat
B. Over the Arabian Sea
C. Over the Gulf of Mannar
D. Over the Mediterranean Sea

Answer ||| D

12. Which River basin covers an area of 65,145 km2, of which about 80% lies in Maharashtra?

A. Krishna
B. Narmada
C. Godavari
D. Tapi

Answer ||| D

13. What type of trees are found in the northern central Himalayan range (1801 to 3001 m) and the southern Nilgiri high mountain ranges?

A. Oak, Junipers, Maple
B. Kusum, Arjun, Mulberry
C. Rosewood, Mahogany, Bamboo
D. Teak, Sal, Peepal

Answer ||| A

14. Which term is used to describe all living communities on earth, including animals, plants, bacteria, fungi and photosynthetic microbes?

A. Biosphere
B. Community
C. Habitat
D. Biome

Answer ||| A

15. Which is the highest peak in peninsular India?

A. K2
B. Anai Mudi
C. Kangchenjunga
D. Kamet

Answer ||| B

Preparation Tips for SSC CHSL Geography

Here are some useful preparation tips for Geography for SSC CHSL to help you improve your scores and increase the number of attempts:

  • Read the Geography section carefully and try to identify any relevant issues.
  • Take brief notes to help you remember what you’ve read and learned.
  • Review all relevant subjects on a regular basis.
  • While learning, use maps to help you remember the locations.

Geography questions in SSC exams are extremely important. So, plan ahead of time, develop a solid strategy, and put forth the necessary effort. You will be successful in everything you attempt!

SSC CHSL Geography Questions PDF

To help you with your preparation, we are providing you with 75+ Geography Questions (with solutions) which were asked in SSC CHSL Previous Year’s Papers. This PDF is available in both Hindi & English language.

Geography Book for SSC CHSL

According to the revised SSC CHSL exam pattern, General Awareness will be included in both tier 1 and tier 2 exams. Geography is one of the most important topics in General Awareness. As a result, candidates who want to ace the exam must score the highest possible marks in this section, which can only be accomplished by consulting the best SSC CHSL books. However with so many books available in the market, selecting the right set of Geography books for SSC CHSL preparation is a difficult task. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best books and study materials of Geography for SSC CHSL.

  • THE GIST OF NCERT (GEOGRAPHY) by Kalinjar Publications
  • Magbook India & World Geography by Arihant

Candidates preparing for SSC CHSL must check out the questions PDF for other subjects included in General Awareness as well.

For complete preparation, candidates are advised to go through the SSC Online Coaching and SSC Mock Tests by BYJU’S Exam Prep.

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