Calculate the Molecular Mass of Co (NO3)2 . 6H2O

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The molecular mass of Co (NO3)2 . 6H2O is 292u

The total mass of all the constituent atoms that make up a molecule or compound is known as its molar mass. Cobalt (II) nitrate is a crystalline chemical with a colour similar to pale red powder. A chemical that sinks and combines with water, it has no smell. Cobalt (II) Nitrate is a nitrate salt in which the anion is nitrate and the metal cobalt is observed in the +2 oxidation state. Nitric acid, cobalt(2+) salt, and cobaltous nitrate are some of the various names for cobalt (II).

  1. Cobalt (II) nitrate hexahydrate has chemical formula is Co (NO3)2 . 6H2O
  2. The atomic mass of cobalt is 60 u.
  3. The atomic mass of hydrogen H is 1 u.
  4. The atomic mass of nitrogen N is 14 u.
  5. The atomic mass of oxygen is 16 u.

Molecular Mass of Co(NO3)2.6H2O

Molar mass of Cobalt (II) nitrate hexahydrate or Co (NO3)2 . 6H2O = (Atomic mass of Cobalt) x 1 + (Atomic mass of Nitrogen) x 2 + 12 x (Atomic mass of Oxygen) + (Atomic mass of Hydrogen) x 2

Molar mass of Cobalt (II) nitrate hexahydrate or Co (NO3)2 . 6H2O = ( 60 x 1 ) + ( 14 x 2 ) + ( 12 x 16 ) + (1 2 x 1 )

= 292 u

The molar mass of Cobalt (II) nitrate hexahydrate or Co (NO3)2 . 6H2O is 292u

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