Which criteria are used for the classification of plants? Explain with reasons

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The criteria used for the classification of plants are number of cotyledons in a seed, covering of seeds, production of seeds, vascular tissues and differentiation of body using leaves, stems and roots

Plants are classified according to a number of traits, including:

  • a plant’s body is divided into its roots, stem, and leaves.
  • tissue in the veins
  • manufacturing of seeds
  • seeds being covered
  • Size of a seed’s cotyledons

The classification of plants is shown in the graph below:

Which criteria are used for the classification of plants? Explain with reasons

Characteristics of Kingdom Plantae

  1. They do not move.
  2. They are known as autotrophs because they produce their own nourishment.
  3. They can reproduce sexually or asexually by vegetative propagation.
  4. These eukaryotes have many cells. The outer cell wall and a sizable central vacuole are both present in the plant cell.
  5. Chlorophyll, which is a photosynthetic pigment found in plastids, is present in plants.
  6. For anchoring, reproduction, support, and photosynthesis, they have many organelles.

Classification of Kingdom Plantae

Subgroups are used to further categorize the plant kingdom. The following factors determine classification:

  1. Plant body: Whether or not the plant has a distinct body. such as the root, stem, and leaves.
  2. Vascular system: The existence or absence of a vascular system for the movement of substances such as water. Like Xylem and Phloem.
  3. The presence or absence of flowers and seeds, as well as whether or not the seeds are exposed or covered by a fruit, all affect seed production.


Which Criteria are used for the Classification of Plants? Explain with Reasons

The number of cotyledons in seed, seed covering, seed production, vascular tissues, and body differentiation employing leaves, stems, and roots are the factors used to classify plants.

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