How to Learn Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL 2023? Know the Best Tricks Here

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : May 10th, 2023

Tricks to Learn Idioms and Phrases: Idioms and phrases play a vital role in the English portion of different competitive examinations such as SSC other Government examinations. Candidates can easily achieve a high score in the English portion if they are familiar with key idioms and phrases, as well as their meanings. SSC aspirants must master the idioms and phrases. In these exams, at least 4 – 5 questions about key idioms and phrases are asked in Tier-1 of SSC Exams, and no one can afford to lose even one mark in such a competitive environment. In fact, if we consider SSC CGL, the weightage of Idioms and Phrases gets doubles in Tier-2 of SSC CGL.

Well, there are hundreds of idioms and phrases in the English language, and memorizing idioms and their meanings becomes a herculean task for SSC aspirants. Learning Idioms and Phrases for Competitive Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC GD Constable, etc isn't a difficult process. With the help of the right approach and useful tricks, students can easily memorize idioms and phrases and can increase their scores in the exam

Considering the Importance of Idioms and Phrases for upcoming SSC exams 2023, in this article, we would share useful and effective tricks, that would help you learn idioms and phrases. In addition to that, we would also provide you with important idioms and phrases on vegetables, Animals, Human body parts, colors, starting with alphabetic letters and idioms asked in previous years question papers, etc. You can also download the notes in PDF form y clicking on the links given in the following table. Let us start without any further delay.

What are Idioms?

Idioms are a group of words or phrases that have a well-established and well-known metaphorical meaning. As a result, these statements cannot be taken literally since they would sound absurd. Idioms need not be grammatically correct too. Idioms are phrases that show human behaviours, reactions to particular situations, social characteristics, habits, and traditions.


Apple of someone's eyes

  • Meaning: a person or thing that someone loves very much
  • Sentence: His youngest daughter is the apple of his eye as she is his firstborn.

A left-handed compliment

  • Meaning: An insult in the pretence of expression of appreciation.
  • Sentence: She said she liked my hair, but it turned out to be a left-handed compliment when she asked how long I'd been dyeing it.

Best Tricks to Learn Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL 2023

One Step at a Time

Do not try to learn all idioms in a single day. It will lead to confusion and difficulty to revise. Set a specific number as a target and learn that many idioms daily. You can learn one pdf from the following series and revise it and the next day, learn the other 20 idioms. 

Try to Relate Idioms with the Pictures and Visual Representation

This is one of the most effective approaches. When you listen to an idiom try to recreate its picture in your mind and then try to co-relate the picture with the idiom and its meaning. Refer to the following Picture to understand the point


Learn the Context of the Idioms

In reality, idioms are the result of life situations and are used to explain behaviors and situations. So, it is not always necessary to know the meaning. In fact, you try to learn and imagine the context of the situation in which idioms are used. . Try to comprehend the context in which an idiom or phrase was employed. It will help you better comprehend and remember a certain idiom. As a result, context is critical. There are numerous different phrases that may be used in the same context.

Try to use these idioms in daily communication to explain real-life scenarios.

Write a Essay/ Story/ Paragraph

This is a very effective approach especially for SSC CGL and  SSC CHSL aspirants. You can try to write a paragraph on any particular topic and try to use idioms in that paragraph. This exercise will help you in your descriptive paper too. Students can also write a story which will increase their creative writing skills. 

Learn, Write and Revise


When you read idioms try to hear properly and understand the tone of idiom, whether it is referring to positive tone or negative. Try to co-relate the meaning with the Sounds of the words present in the idioms. Once done with it, write the idioms and make a list of the idioms learned by you. This will help you memorize new idioms and then revise them at the regular time period

Hope the above-mentioned techniques help you memorize idioms and phrases.

Series of Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL 2023

In the following table, we will be updating idioms in the following table regularly. You can download the idioms in PDF form. 

DayTopic-wise Idioms
Day 5 (Latest)Top 20 Idioms on Food
Day 4Top Idioms on Colors
Day 3 Top 20 Idioms on Body Parts
Day 2 Top 20 Idioms on Exams
Day 1 Top 20 Idioms on Animals


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