Write the Full Form of SC, ST, and OBC

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The full forms of the three terms are as follows:

SC- Scheduled Castes

OBC- Other Backward Classes

ST- Scheduled Tribes 

SC or Scheduled Castes were referred to as the untouchable castes that comprise 16.6% of India’s population. The people from these castes were forced to do the dirty jobs including cleaning up dead animals, cleaning faeces, leatherwork, etc. 

ST or Scheduled Tribes were the Indian tribals and hunter-gatherer tribes who lived in the Indian forests. In 2011, they comprised 8.6% of India’s population and are still regarded as outcasts since they don’t follow an organised religion. 

OBCs are Other Backward Classes who are at a social, economic, and educational disadvantage. They made up 41% of India’s population in 2006 and are situated between SC and upper castes in the social hierarchy. They were poor and illiterate classes that were mostly involved in agriculture and herding. 


Why do we need the reservation system?

The reservation system was established to improve the social-economic conditions of some backward groups by the constituent assembly and Dr. BR Ambedkar. This was done mainly to rectify the mistakes of the past and make up for the oppression faced by these castes. It also ensured that there was equal representation and an equal platform for all citizens irrespective of their caste. 

Thus, under Article 16(4) of the Constitution, people belonging to SC, ST, and OBC castes have some advantages and reservations in government jobs, legislature, and higher education.



SC, ST, and OBC Full Form

The complete forms of the abbreviations SC, ST, and OBC are as follows- Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes. The government provides reservations to these castes in government jobs, higher education, and legislature to ensure equal representation and to rectify the historical injustice done against them. 


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