Write Any Four Uses of Animals in Daily Life

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Animals play a crucial role in our lives. How? Well, there are many uses for animals in our daily lives. Not only do many animals make good pets and companions for humans, but they also solve many of us basic needs. Read further to learn about the uses of animals in the daily life of humans.


Four Uses of Animals in Daily Life

Here are the four main uses of animals in daily life of humans:

  • Many animals provide us with milk which is important for our bones and overall health.
  • The skin and hair of many animals are used to produce clothes. For example, sheep’s hair provides us with wool, a vital fabric in winters.
  • Animals are also used for agriculture as they help in ploughing of fields.
  • Many animals are the perfect companions for humans and provide people with mental and emotional support.


Write Any Four Uses of Animals in Daily Life

The four main uses of animals are that they provide us with milk or meat, their skin and hair can be used to produce clothes and other products, they help in agriculture, and they are excellent companions and pets for humans.

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