Why Internet is Called a Network of Networks?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Let’s face it. It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without the internet today. But do you know how exactly the internet works? The internet is a worldwide collection of networked computers that can exchange data with each other extremely quickly. Hence, the internet can be referred to as a network of networks that are interlinked by telephone lines and cables making communication possible.


The reason why internet is called a network of networks is that it constitutes a worldwide network of computers linked together by cables to make communication possible 

Simply put, the internet can be defined as a global network that connects over a million smaller heterogeneous computer networks into one entity.


Why Internet is Called a Network of Networks?

The internet is referred to as the network of networks because it constitutes a global collection of networked computers that are able to exchange information quickly with each other. Hence, it can be defined as a worldwide network of smaller computer networks that act as one entity. 

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