The First Page of a Website is Called?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A website is basically a collection of related web pages on the World Wide Web that carries specific information by a single entity that traces back to a common URL or Uniform Resource Locator. Every page of a particular website is written in code that contains information about the format, content and layout of that web page. A commonly used computer language for coding and creating web pages is HTML. Now, have you ever wondered what is the first page of a website called? Well, the answer to this question is – Homepage.

What is a Homepage?

Now that you know what is the first page of a website called, let’s try to understand its function and purpose. A home page is the default page of a website that you first view when you access any website. It is the main page that carries the hyperlinks to the other web pages on the website. Thus, it allows you to easily access all the pages of a website without having to search for them separately. Also, you can typically come back to the home page by simply clicking the website logo.


What is the First Page of a Website Called?

The first page of a website is the default page that carries hyperlinks that allow you to access all the other web pages. This main or front page is commonly called a home page or a landing page. It makes it easy for the user to access all the web pages and explore the website efficiently.


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