Which of the Following is an Input Device? A) Keyboard B) Mouse C) Printer D) Speaker

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Out of the following options, Keyboard and Mouse are input devices. In the realm of computing, input devices play a crucial role. They are components of hardware equipment in a computer system that are used to give control signals and data signals to the information processing system. Some other examples of input devices include the following – Cameras, Scanners, Microphones and Joysticks.


The correct options are A) Keyboard and B) Mouse

The keyboard is one of the preliminary input devices that are used with a computer. It consists of a total of 104 keys and buttons that perform different functions like adding alphabets, numbers, navigation and more.

The mouse is another input device used with a computer to perform various tasks. A mouse allows the user to point to any place on the screen and choose different activities without the keyboard.


Which of the Following is an Input Device?

Out of the given options, A) Keyboard and B) Mouse are the two input devices. They are pieces of hardware used with a computer to give control and data signals to an information processing system.

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