Where is Coorg Situated? What is it Known For?​

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Coorg is the smallest district in the state of Karnataka and is located midway between the coastal town of Mangalore and Mysore. Also referred to as Kodagu, the district of Coorg is an administrative district in the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats located in southwestern Karnataka. Coorg is known for its scenic beauty and mystic mountains with rich flora and fauna. What’s more, the place is popularly called the Scotland of India and it lives up to the name with its beautiful landscapes and rich history.

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What is Coorg Famous For?

The district of Coorg is famous for its coffee estates hidden under tree canopies and colonial houses. Furthermore, Coorg has a great history of hospitality and is home to the fiercely independent Coorgi tribe. The tribe is made up of beautiful women and martial men who are believed to have been descended from the Arabs and Greeks. You will also find the Kodavus in Coorg which is the only community in India that is allowed to carry firearms without any license. You will hear numerous tales of bravery in this district. 

When in Coorg, you can also enjoy various adventure sports like canoeing, river rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking and trekking. You can also find interesting animal species like the Macaques, Malabar squirrel, wild elephants, langurs, slender loris, etc., in this region.


Where is Coorg? 

Coorg is a small district that is famous for its tranquillizing coffee, unique fauna and scenic landscapes that are made up of misty hills and beautiful streams. Wondering where is Coorg situated? This beautiful district is situated in the state of Karnataka along the Western ghats. Moreover, Coorg is also known for having a rich culture and heritage that includes the Coorgi and Kodavu tribes. 


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