What is the Full Form of S.S.T subject?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The full form of S.S.T is Social Studies, which is a subject that covers most of the fields that are a part of social science or humanities. The education system in the United States adopted the subject of Social Studies to throw light on themes like history, geography, and political science. 


The SST full form is Social Studies

The basic ideology behind Social Studies was to spread awareness about several disciplines as well as to focus on the analysis of numerous social problems. As a student of S.S.T, you can gain in-depth knowledge about subjects like history, anthropology, geography, and political science. Moreover, it provides you with an understanding of the real world and how it works, and our responsibilities as individuals in society.

What is the Importance of Social Studies?

Are you wondering why it is important to study Social Studies? Well, that’s because it not only enhances your knowledge on various topics but also helps you become a critical thinker. Hence, we can say that Social Studies is not just an academic subject but also a behaviour enhancement and character-building method.


What is the S.S.T Full Form?

S.S.T stands for Social Studies or Social Science, which is an important subject in the Indian education system. It covers a range of subjects such as history, geography, political science, and more and helps enhance an individual’s critical thinking. 

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