What is the Feminine of Monk?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The term monk denotes men from a religious group who have dedicated their lives to their religion and to serve others. They choose never to get married and voluntarily live their lives as ascetics. However, there is a misconception that only men can be monks. This is false. In many religions, women also lead a similar life and renounce worldly pursuits. These women are referred to as nuns.


The feminine of monk is a Nun

People often refer to female monks as ‘she monks’ or ‘monkess’, but there are no such words in the English language. The female counterpart of a monk is a nun. Nuns are prominent in religions like Christianity, Jainism and even Buddhism.



What is the Feminine of Monk?

The female counterpart or the feminine of monk is a nun. They follow similar values as their male counterparts and devote their lives to their religion. Nuns take a vow to not get married and renounce all worldly pleasures and pursuits by choice.

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