What is Primary Activity? Explain with Example

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

All activities can be divided into three main categories – primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary activities are the ones that are directly dependent on natural resources. This includes agriculture, fishing, mining, cotton cultivation, forestry and oil and gas extraction. In countries like India, the primary sector employs the largest section of the population. Hence, primary activities play a critical role in the country’s economy.


Primary activities are directly related to nature. For example – agriculture, fishing, cotton cultivation, etc.

As you know, to cultivate crops, we are primarily dependent on natural resources like sunlight, soil, rain, and more. Hence, agriculture is the best example of a primary activity that employs a huge part of our country and contributes significantly to the GDP.


What is Primary Activity? Explain with example

Primary activities are the ones that are directly related to and dependent on natural resources. Some examples of primary activities include – agriculture, cotton cultivation, mining, fishing, gas production and more.

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