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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC MTS English Questions and Answers shared in this article, would be extremely crucial for the candidates who are planning to appear for the upcoming SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam. Candidates are in the last leg of their preparation and have already completed the revision. Knowing the SSC MTS English questions and answers provided below would help you go through the important topics and questions that you might come across in the SSC MTS 2023 exam. Also, you can download the SSC MTS English Questions & Answers PDF to revise the syllabus again!

SSC MTS Exam English Language Grammar

SSC MTS Exam English Language Grammar is a core part of nearly every SSC exam, including the SSC Multi Tasking Staff Exam. Many contenders are terrified by the basic rules of the English language Grammar section for SSC MTS CBT exam. Most of the topics such as fill in the blanks, spotting errors, sentence completion and reading comprehension questions can only be solved if you have strong command over the SSC MTS Exam English Language Grammar rules. Low scores in the SSC MTS English section might impact your overall exam result. It becomes all the way more important as according to the new SSC MTS exam pattern, English now is part of session 2 of the SSC MTS Tier 1 exam and the final selection list will be prepared based on the performance of candidates in session 2 which comprises English Language & Comprehension and General Awareness. Many applicants fail this part because they do not attempt an adequate number of questions.

SSC MTS English Important Topics

A total of 25 SSC MTS English questions will be asked for total marks of 75 in the Computer-based exam in session 2. To get the most out of the SSC MTS English section, you must first understand the crucial topics or those that carry the most question weightage in the exam. So you may begin preparing for English with the topics with the most weightage. Given below we have mentioned the important English topics and their question weightage in the SSC MTS based on the analysis of the SSC MTS previous year papers.  

  • Idiom and Phrases- 2 questions
  • Sentence Improvement- 2 questions
  • One Word Substitution- 2 questions
  • Spelling Correction- 2 questions
  • Reading Comprehension- 5 questions
  • Spotting error- 5 questions
  • Fill in the blanks- 5 questions
  • Antonyms- 1 question
  • Synonyms- 1 question

SSC MTS English Questions and Answers

To assist you in preparing for the SSC MTS paper 1 exam 2023, we are providing you with the most expected SSC MTS English questions PDF. Candidates can download the PDF at their convenience and save them for the future. Please refer to the SSC MTS English PDF provided below.

1. Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.


  1. Idealist
  2. Pessimist
  3. Critic
  4. Distinct

Ans. A

2. Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

One who can’t speak

  1. Orphan
  2. Quiet
  3. Dumb
  4. Bevy

Ans. C

3. Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

Over my dead body

  1. Erecting a grave stone
  2. Inheriting to fortune
  3. Opposing something fiercely
  4. Threatening to kill oneself

Ans. C

4. Choose the correctly spelt word.

  1. Finencially
  2. Financialy
  3. Finantially
  4. Financially

Ans. D

5. Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

One who studies the evolution of mankind

  1. Dermatologist
  2. Anthropologist
  3. Sociologist
  4. Archaeologist

Ans. B

SSC MTS English Questions PDF

SSC MTS English is one of the scoring sections of the Tier 1 exam. It is less time-consuming and candidates can attempt all 25 questions within 10-15 minutes if they know all the answers. So, to help you boost your speed and score maximum marks from this section, here we have provided the direct link to download the SSC MTS English Questions and Answers PDF. You can simply download it and start attempting it.

> SSC MTS English Questions and Answers PDF

SSC MTS Previous Year English Questions

Practising SSC MTS previous years’ English questions help candidates anticipate the kinds of questions that are expected to be asked in the upcoming Tier 1 of the Multi-Taking Staff  Exam. Examining previous years’ question papers of SSC MTS can help you understand the exam format, section-wise marks weightage, and question trend. You may also examine your performance and get an idea of how much you need to prepare for the forthcoming exam by completing many question papers. Needless to say, practising previous years’ papers increase your confidence and improve your performance in Paper 1 of the MTS exam 2023.

Preparation Tips for SSC MTS Exam English Language Writing Ability

  • Idioms and Phrases: Most students fret about preparing this topic because there are so many idioms and phrases and its not possible to remember them all. If you just read those idioms and phrases which are asked in previous year SSC MTS exams, there are fair chances that you will get questions from those only. All the previous year questions are updated on the gradeup app. Practice SSC MTS Mock Tests to boost your preparation and will make you more confident.

Example: The son wants to purchase a new car but his father is dragging his feet.

Answer: Here, dragging his feet is an idiom which means acting in a slow and hesitant manner.

  • Sentence Improvement: For this section, you need to have a stronghold on some important topics of Grammar such as tenses, noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjectives, articles, gerunds, and participles as you are likely to expect questions from these areas. Just read a good English newspaper, and whenever you find a sentence, try to find its parts of speech. If you are able to locate parts of speech in a sentence correctly, then there are fair chances of scoring well in this section.
  • One-word substitution: One-word substitution is totally based on your vocabulary. A newspaper really helps in improving vocabulary. Read the editorial page of any good English newspaper and explore new words. Try to search them in a dictionary and use them in your daily communication. This is the best way to improve your English and score well in one-word substitution.

Example: A place where money is coined.

Answer: Mint

  • Spelling Correction: Spelling correction again is based on vocabulary which needs a lot of practice. Make sure you practice at least 25 words daily. You can follow the link given below and read the notes provided in grade up. You will learn correct spellings of frequently asked words in SSC MTS exam if you practice daily.
  • Reading Comprehension: As the name suggests, you need to do a lot of reading to crack this section. Most of the students score full marks in this section. In Reading Comprehension, one paragraph is given in the exam, and you need to find answers to questions from that paragraph itself. Try to make it a habit of reading regularly and this section will become much simpler for you.
  • Spotting Error: 4-5 questions are asked from this section. Start reading Plinth To Paramount and practice more and more questions. Try to find out what kind of questions were asked in the previous year’s SSC MTS exam.
  • Fill in the Blank: The master key of scoring well in this section is through options. Try to find out if the sentence is affirmative or negative, choose accordingly from the four choices given in question. One more thing to bear in mind is vocabulary. You may find some words in the options, and you can only attempt the questions if you have a good command of the vocabulary section.
  • Antonyms/Synonyms: Learn previous year’s antonyms/synonyms by heart because there are chances of repetition of same questions in SSC exams. Improve your SSC MTS English vocabulary, and this section will automatically become easy for you.

Tips to Solve SSC MTS English Questions 2023

Candidates preparing to take the tier 1 exam must follow SSC MTS preparation tips in order to do well in the exam and ensure selection. Candidates must adhere to a good SSC MTS study plan in order to cover the essential topics on time. Candidates will be able to divide their time according to the needs of each topic in the SSC MTS syllabus by using the following tips. Here are useful quick tips you may use to attempt English questions in the SSC Multi Tasking Staff Tier 1 exam 2023

  • Try to solve questions based on Vocabulary as questions like Fill in the Blanks, Cloze Test, Synonyms, Antonyms, etc, are based on the usage of the vocabulary. You can simply download the SSC MTS Exam English Language Vocabulary here. 
  • Revise important English grammar questions to correctly answer questions based on Sentence correction/ Spotting the error and Sentence or Phrase Improvement.
  • Practice English questions that were asked in the SSC MTS previous years papers as SSC repeats questions. 
  • While answering the General English questions, candidates are encouraged not to spend more than one minute on any one question. Answering General English Questions can help you read more quickly and accurately.
  • Avoid risky guesses.

So, this is all you need to know about the most expected SSC MTS English Questions & topics! Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on SSC MTS exam.

For complete preparation, candidates are advised to go through the SSC Online Coaching and SSC Mock Tests by BYJU’S Exam Prep.

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