How to Prepare Reasoning for SSC CPO Exam 2020?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Recently, The Staff Selection Commission opened its gates for eligible candidates to get recruited as Delhi Police Sub-Inspector SI, ASI, CAPF, & CISF. The exam is going to be conducted in the month of December (11-13th Dec) as per the official SSC CPO Notification 2020. Coming back to the topic, General Intelligence or Reasoning section is a scoring section provided your basic concepts are clear. In this article, we will guide you on how to score 45+ in the reasoning section of the SSC CPO Exam 2020.

SSC CPO Exam 2020 Reasoning Preparation Tips

Scoring 45+ is not a day’s task. It takes months of effort & consistent practice. You will have to polish your basic concepts of all the topics. You should know the important topics which are expected to come in the real examination. Here is the list of the expected number of questions from each topic: 


Expected Number of Questions









Missing Number (matrix form)


Word Formation (can/cannot be formed)


Distance & Direction


Statements & Conclusion


Venn Diagram


Embedded Figure


Figure Completion


Mirror Image


Paper Cutting & Folding




Counting of figures


Mathematical Operations (Changing of signs)


Cubes & Dice/Number set






Arithmetic Reasoning


Seating arrangment


Students are requested to prepare in accordance with the above-given data. Getting more precise, let us go through topic-wise strategy one should adopt to solve reasoning section:

Statements & Conclusion: This topic is difficult for many of the candidates. Never use the extra knowledge apart from what is given in the statement. If the statement says Sun rises in the west, then assume that Sun rises in the west and proceed. 

Blood Relation: Apply Blood Relation question on your family structure. It will make the questions easier.

Clock & Calendar: Use tips and tricks for this topic. Learn it and calculate it properly.

Ranking Order: Most of the time students answer it incorrectly as they note down wrong data while solving the questions or put the wrong symbol. It is advisable to read the questions thoroughly before proceeding with it. 

Analogy: In this section, you have to relate the meaning from the question and choose the answer out of the given options. Always go through all the given options. Sometimes, we change our answer after going through all the options.  Follow the given systematic approach to find out the answer.

Classification: In this section, you have to find out the odd option i.e. words or letters or numbers which is different from the remaining three options. For this, you must know the squares or cubes or prime numbers, etc. You must be able to differentiate all the aspects asked.

Paper Folding: Tear a small piece of paper and apply the question. You will get the answer in less than 10 seconds. You have to be attentive as options are very similar.

Matrix: You cannot afford to lose marks in this question. Start with the given options & tick the correct one.

Mathematical Operations: Do not solve it verbally. Also, don’t ignore the BODMAS rule. 

Coding-Decoding: Do not use your brain unnecessarily in this question also. Find out the coding according to the given question.

Dictionary: Four or five words will be given in the question. Follow the alphabetical order & arrange all words according to the order of words in the dictionary.

Series: Both types of number or word series can be asked. You have to check which rule the series is following.

Word Formation: It is the easiest one but you may be confused in can be formed and cannot be formed. Read the question carefully.

Missing Number: Be careful while attempting this question. Try as many as patterns you can but fast. 

Distance & Direction: Assume any direction and solve the question according to that assumed direction. Make the basic direction North, West, East, South chart and then apply the question in the diagram.

In order to score good marks in the SSC CPO Reasoning section, you have to make your own pre-planned strategy. Focus on the below-given pointers:

  • Cover the whole syllabus: You have more than 2 months to prepare for SSC CPO effectively as Paper I will be held from 29th Sept to 5th Oct 2020. You are advised not to leave any of the above-given topics. Every single mark has value in such a competitive environment.
  • Precise Study material: Try to collect all the study material in one go. Also, attempt online quizzes to get a real feel of the paper. 
  • Study as per the Importance of Topic: You have to dedicate your time in accordance with the weight of that topic. Dedicating extra time to a less-marks/silly topic is of no use. This will only waste your valuable hours.
  • Discard Oral Learning: Make short notes of what you learn. The advantage of writing is that it always puts a better impact than mere reading it. Also, the short notes will act as revision notes in the last days of your preparation.
  • Revision is necessary: 60% Learning & 40% Revision should be your approach to study reasoning section. The revision will make your base stronger.


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