RRB NTPC CBT 2 Last Minute Preparation Tips 2022

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

RRB NTPC CBT 2 last-minute preparation tips help candidates streamline their efforts in the last few days of preparation. RRB NTPC CBT 2 is just around the corner and candidates are preparing in the full swing to ace the exam. With just one week of time left for the CBT 2 exam for levels 2, 3 and 5 posts, some students are already in the last leg of their preparation, others are looking for tips and tricks. If you belong to the latter category, fret not as here we have mentioned some useful RRB NTPC last-minute preparation tips for the second stage of the selection process of the RRB exam for Non-Technical Popular Categories exam.

For the uninitiated, Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is conducting the CBT 2 exam 2022 in two phases as per the levels of posts. NTPC CBT-2 exam for the levels 4 and 6 posts was conducted in the month of May 2022 on 9th and 10th while for the remaining levels of posts (Levels 2,3 and 5) exam dates are from 12-17 June 2022.

RRB NTPC CBT 2 Last Minute Preparation Tips 2022

RRB NTPC CBT 2 Last Minute Preparation Tips 2022

Candidates must have a well planned and comprehensive preparation strategy in order to qualify for the CBT 2 exam. Especially in the last few days, candidates must create an effective study plan and stick to it. To boost their exam results, they should devote more time to revision and take practice examinations on a regular basis. Candidates should review their mock tests and focus on improving the areas where they are poor. Candidates should also go over NTPC CBT 2 previous years’ question papers to get insights on the types of questions that are expected to appear in the upcoming shifts of CBT 2 of RRB NTPC exam. Candidates can check out the must follow preparation tips provided below for the NTPC computer-based exam level 2 in order to crack the exam with flying colours!

Speed & Accuracy

To qualify in any exam, especially the Government exam candidates should be well versed in two skills i.e., speed and accuracy. As the RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam date is approaching, the candidates need to strike a balance between speed & accuracy as both of these factors are equally important for scoring good marks in the upcoming exam. Speed and Accuracy can be maintained by solving as many RRB NTPC Question Papers and mock tests during the last few days before the examination. 

Time Management

The most important factor for clearing any exam is managing your time properly. Candidates always focus more on conceptual building and tend to forget the importance of time management. As everyone says time management is the key to success therefore, candidates need to practice more and more to manage their time, and it can only be done by following the below steps:

  • Not wasting too much time on a single question
  • Allocate your time properly for every section.
  • Analyse your mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Read Questions Properly

In order to attempt all the questions, candidates often commit the mistake of not reading questions properly. Therefore, the first and foremost thing candidates must do is to read the question properly and understand what is being asked before answering the question.

For example – You have been asked the question of Ratio & Proportion in your examination where you are asked to find the ratio of A and B in terms of B: A and you have understood A: B because you have not read the question properly, that misinterpretation can harm you deeply as 0.25 marks matters a lot in any examination.

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Don’t Learn Anything New

The last few days before the examination are very crucial as there are lots of do’s and don’ts that a candidate needs to follow.

You are not advised to go through any new topic as it will create confusion during the last time and generally candidates tend to forget what he/she has learnt during the last few days. Candidates are advised to revise all the important topics that they have studied and practice more and more questions on daily basis to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Memorize Important Formulas

Save your time in mugging up the things that are of least weightage in the examination and always focus on the key topics & revise important formulas of that. It is one of the most important RRB NTPC CBT 2 last-minute preparation tips. Prior to the examination candidates are advised to memorize and revise all the important formulas of your concerned subject. This will not only help you memorize the formulas under pressure but also boosts your confidence.

Keep Track of Time

Along with time management, the candidates also need to focus on keeping the track of time. Candidates generally forget about time when they are solving a lengthy or tricky question. A good way of keeping the track of time is solving the mock tests. Whenever you are attempting mock tests or previous year’s papers you get a clear picture of how much time you are spending on each section. You should divide timely and wisely for each section and you must not spend more than a minute on any question.

Analyse Your Performance

One of the effective RRB NTPC CBT 2 last-minute preparation tips is analysing your performance. Analysing your performance makes you well aware of your situation about the exam, your preparation and everything. 

Performance Assessments always increase your chances of getting selected. Thus, always analyse your performance after solving sample papers and mock tests.

Prepare your own Strategy about how to attempt the Paper

Instead of surfing the internet, try to come up with your own strategy about how to attempt RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam. After analysing your performance, you will be aware of the fact that which section you have to attempt first and which section in the last, what questions you can attempt and which questions you have to skip etc. So, come up with your own strategy considering your own strengths and weakness.

Revise Important Topics

There are lots of topics that are there for revision during the last few days of the examination and only a few days left for RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam therefore, you should revise important topics that are asked in the examination with high frequency. This will not only boost your score but also increase your chances of getting selected for the RRB NTPC Posts.

Practice Mock Tests, Previous Years Papers & Analyse your Performance

One of the most important preparation tips for RRB NTPC CBT 2 is that you should practice more and more mock tests and previous years’ papers to increase your score as well as your confidence in the upcoming RRB NTPC CBT 2 Examination 2022. Solving the maximum number of papers increases your understanding of the exam, it will help you lessen the mistakes and increases your confidence. Therefore during the last few days, solve as many question papers as you can to increase your chances in the examination.

Read & Understand Examday Guidelines

Admit Cards are going to be released by RRB shortly for the upcoming examination, take the printout of that RRB NTPC Admit card a few days prior to the examination to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Read all the instructions and guidelines given for the examination related to the examination or regarding the Covid-19 protocol to be followed so that you’ll be informed about everything prior to the examination.

Relax your Mind & Be Confident 

Having a relaxed mind is the ultimate requirement before you appear for the examination. In the condition of panic candidates often commit silly mistakes which cost them dearly, therefore, candidates are advised to appear in the exam with a relaxed mind and as there are only a few days left for the examination, you should not overstress yourself regarding the examination, just be calm if you want to perform better in the examination.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle.

You might think how it can come under RRB NTPC CBT 2 Last Minute Preparation Tips, but believe us this point is equally important as the above-mentioned ones. Often candidates underestimate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and tend to skip meals because of stress. However, it is a big no-no! During the last few days, you all should take proper rest, and eat properly to have proper concentration during the examination.

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