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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Railway Goods Guard Salary, Job Profile, and Career 2021-22: Recently, RRB has published a notification announcing the exam dates of the RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam for various NTPC posts of levels 2, 3 and 5. RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam for railway goods guard is going to be held on 12 June 2022 for some regions and 15 June 2022 for the other regions. In this article, we will be discussing the job profile, Salary, Promotional Aspects, perks, and cons of the Railway Goods Guard which comes under level 5 posts.

Railway Goods Guard Salary, Job Profile & Career

Indian Railway’s goods train transfer more than 1000 million tons of freight every year and Goods Guard of railway works to ensure this success every day, every year.

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Railway Goods Guard Job Profile

The position for RRB Goods Guard post is perfect for those who love to travel. The job is mildly dangerous and the person in this post need to be alert and conscious all the time. Goods Guard can be seen in every train either in the brake van or the compartment attached to the tail of the train, which is also his working place. It is the goods guard who ensures the safe delivery of the cargo on the train.

Some of the general duties of goods guard are:

  • To ensure the proper working of all the brakes and emergency brakes at full capacity
  • To make sure the wagons are properly attached to each other
  • To provide clearance and regular updates to the loco pilot regarding the track lines
  • To take all the important verdicts necessary for the train’s safety and notify the loco pilot or authorities in case of anything found abnormal or which can lead to any kind of catastrophic ramification.

In short, Goods Guard must take full in charge of the train while in motion ensuring the safety of the whole train.

If we talk about Goods Guard working hour pattern, there isn’t any fixed schedule. They work according to their shifts and working hours depend on the running status of the train. An overall working hour duration can be depicted as 8-10 hours. After that, they are allowed to rest for 15-16 hours in the running room located at some specific stations. The working schedule can be extended as per the situation.

Railway Goods Guard Salary & Allowances

*BASIC PAY: 29,200

  • *DA 12% of BP: 3,504
  • * TPA: 1800
  • *DA TPA: 72


  • *X Class city(24%): 7,008
  • *Y Class City(16%): 4,672
  • *Z Class City(8%): 2,336


  • *X Class City: 41,584
  • *Y Class City: 39,248
  • *Z Class City: 36,912



  • *X Class City: 37,732
  • *Y Class City: 35,396
  • *Z Class City: 33,060


  • *Kilometre Allowance (KMA): Paid on the basis of kilometres they cover. The current rate is Rs 188.75 per 100 km.
  • *Allowance In Lieu of Kilometre (ALK): Paid for being deployed in non-running duties. Currently paid at the rate of 160 km per day for outstation duties & 30% of basic pay for duties in headquarters.
  • * Further Accident Allowance, Officiating Allowance and OutStation (Detention Allowances) are also given to them.

Railway Goods Guard Original Salary Slip


Railway Goods Guard Career/ Promotional Aspects

Goods Guard can have a bright future ahead and can reach up to the upper echelons of Indian Railways. Following are the Promotional Aspects for the post of Goods Guard:

  • The very first promotion is Goods Guard-Passenger Guard-Express Guard.

  • Goods Guard-Section Controller-Chief Controller.

  • You are also eligible to appear for the LDCE exam for Group B Gazetted post of Assistant Operational Manager(AOM).


Besides various allowances, they also receive some handsome allowances that are paid to running staff. Here is the complete data of perks and other facilities:

  • Residence: All railway employees, including Goods Guard, are provided with a well-maintained Railways Quarter (with gated colonies and societies). They get all the mandatory facilities and securities. These are located in the nicer part of towns.
  • Medical Facilities: Goods guards along with their family members can avail the facilities of complete medical treatment in Railway’s first-class hospitals.
  • Travelling Facilities: A 2nd class ‘A’ Pass is issued to Goods Guard and their family members. The pass can be used to travel across India in the AC-3 Tier of any train except- RAJDHANI EXPRESS/ DURONTO EXPRESS/ SHATABDI EXPRESS and some special trains.


As every job has its own advantages and disadvantages, the post of Goods Guard holder receives many benefits, perks, and allowances but on the other hand, there are many such things which make this job a bit hectic, difficult and dangerous too. Here are some of the cons of this post:

*Job of Goods Guard is somewhat strenuous in nature that he has to stay in his brake van or the compartment attached to the tail of the train during the entire run and the most substandard thing is that there are not even the basic facilities.

  • Brake vans are not lit during nights and the train may have to wait in wayside stations for long hours until the precedence of Express trains is being completed smoothly.
  • In case of any exigencies in such an area where there is no civilization, the working hours can be endless and full of harassment.

Here we end up our article on Railways Goods Guard Salary, Job Profile & Career Prospects. If you have any queries buzzing in your mind, please feel free to write it in the comments section below.

Hope it was useful to you. We will keep updating you on the latest RRB NTPC 2022 updates. 

All The Best!!



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