Questions Asked in today’s SSC CPO Exam – 12th December 2019 (All Shifts)

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Questions Asked in SSC CPO Exam – 12 Dec (All Shifts). SSC has successfully conducted today’s (12 December) SSC CPO 2019 Exam for all shifts. The examination will continue to take place in different shifts until 13th December 2019.

To help you get the first-hand real feel of the SSC CPO paper, we have uploaded all the questions that were asked in SSC CPO exam. This post will be beneficial for all the candidates who are yet to appear for the exam in the days to come. You can expect similar questions in your examination so you can prepare accordingly.

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Questions Asked in SSC CPO – 12 Dec Exam (All Shifts)

  • Who has been elected as the chairman of ICC in 2019? Shashank Manohar
  • Who has won the golden boot award in Football world cup 2018? Harry Kane
  • The civil services act comes under the which article? Article 312(2)
  • Who is known as Grandman of India? Dada Bhai Naroji
  • All the components of the cell together with cytoplasm is called? Protoplasm
  • The  IAS and IPS come under which article of the Indian constitution? Article 312(2)
  • Which of the following vessels carry blood from the heart to the other part of the body? Arteries
  • What is present inside the nucleus and cytoplasm? Protoplasm
  • One question was from US Open Winner.
  • The internal emergency under article 356 can be implemented on whose advice? Governor
  • Who founded the Gurmukhi script? Guru Angad
  • Lakshya Sen is associated with which sport? Badminton
  • Which article deals with impeachment of president? Article-61
  • Which organization gives golden goalkeeper award?- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Along with which country India has developed a Robot name Pepe Robot? United Kingdom
  • Sarhul is the folk dance of which of the following states? Jharkhand 
  • Which River originated from Mahabaleshwar? Krishna
  • Name the highest peak of the Satpura range: Dhoopgarh
  • Which state has the lowest literacy rate: Bihar
  • The largest producer of mica: Andhra Pradesh
  • Second populous state in India: Maharashtra
  • Who is elected unopposed president of BCCI in 2019? Saurav Ganguly
  • Idioms: Throw at in the deep end- To make someone start new and a difficult job
  • Idioms: Make a clean breast of – To confess to one’s mistakes
  • Idioms: Deep in the sea –In a dangerous or vulnerable situation 
  • Synonym of Aloof – Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant
  • Synonym of Innate – Inborn
  • Synonym of Turbid – Cloudy or Opaque 
  • Synonym of Adept – Very Skilled or Proficient
  • Synonym of Ancillary – Auxiliary
  • Antonym of Blunt – Sharp
  • One word of a group of islands and the sea surrounding them – Archipelago
  • Spellings (Correct/Incorrect)- Omelette
  • Idioms: Fall flat – To fail or to be ineffective
  • Passage on Industries Impact on the environment
  • Antonym of Fatigue – Energy, Vigour
  • Synonym of Insidious – Spreading gradually or without being noticed
  • Synonym of Indolent – Lazy
  • Synonym of Accumulate – Gather, Amass
  • Antonym of Discard – Keep, Aquire
  • Idioms: For Good – Permanently, Forever
  • Spellings (Correct/Incorrect): Humiliated
  • Synonym of Adept – Proficient
  • Spellings (Correct/Incorrect) Vague

  • Spellings (Correct/Incorrect) Malicius
  • Spellings (Correct/Incorrect) Acheivement
  • Venn Diagram – Flower, Roots, Stem 
  • Venn Diagram – Metal, Iron, Copper
  • 9:79:11:119::? 

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