Opposite Gender of Spinster

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The opposite gender of spinster is a bachelor. It is used to denote men who are unmarried at the moment. A confirmed bachelor can be used to refer to men who will remain unmarried even in the future. It is still a commonly used term and doesn’t carry many negative connotations like its female counterpart.


The opposite gender of spinster is a bachelor

Spinster is a word that was commonly used in earlier times to refer to women who were unmarried and past a certain age. It was used in a negative sense because women were not allowed to earn a living and were not educated past a certain point. This made marriage their only option to have a decent life. Today, the word is outdated as marriage is not an obligation for most women and they can choose other paths to lead good lives.


Opposite Gender of Spinster

The opposite gender of spinster is a bachelor. A bachelor refers to a man who is unmarried but doesn’t say anything about their future. Unlike a bachelor, a spinster was a negatively used word to denote women who were unmarried after a certain age and were likely to remain so in the future.


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