Opposite Gender of Gander

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Did you know that an adult male Goose is called a Gander? It is not a commonly used term which is why many people are not aware of it. What’s more, the opposite gender of Gander is simply Goose. In simple words, the female counterpart of a Gander is a Goose.


The opposite gender of Gander is a Goose

While a Gander signifies a fully grown male Goose, the female species is referred to as Goose only. More often than not, the male bird is also referred to as the male Goose. 


Opposite Gender of Gander

The opposite gender of Gander or the female counterpart is a Goose. While Goose is often used for both genders, the correct term for a male Goose that is fully grown is a Gander.

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