How to Prepare General Intelligence for SSC CHSL?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

General Intelligence and Reasoning for SSC CHSL is one of the sections with highest weightage. SSC CHSL is a national-level competitive exam for which many applicants apply, and in order to stand out from the mass, a candidate must have a sound SSC CHSL exam preparation approach.
Reasoning  for SSC CHSL has traditionally been a challenging topic in competitive exams, and applicants frequently struggle with it. Not to fear, we will share the most relevant ideas and methods for the general intelligence or reasoning component of the SSC CHSL in this blog, which will be useful for preparation and guide you as to how to prepare general intelligence for the SSC CHSL exam 2023.

General Intelligence for SSC CHSL

General intelligence and logical reasoning is the most important section of the SSC CHSL aspirants and proves to be one of the most scoring areas. The difficulty level of the Reasoning Questions asked in the CHSL exam lies between easy to moderate. Many times questions are repeated from the SSC CHSL previous year papers with little or no modifications. The best strategy to prepare the reasoning section for the Combined Graduate Level Exam is to learn the basic concepts, attempt previous years’ papers and practice mock tests. This strategy has proven very effective.

How to Prepare Reasoning for SSC CHSL?

If you’re wondering how to prepare reasoning for SSC CHSL, here’s a complete solution. Once applicants have decided to take any competitive test, such as SSC CHSL, they should devise a well-thought-out study approach that incorporates all of the syllabus topics as well as additional aspects.  In the case of subjects such as Reasoning, the preparation strategy should include time for concept building as well as question practice.

Pre-requisite for making SSC CHSL reasoning preparation strategy include:

  • Knowledge of the SSC CHSL Syllabus
  • The idea of Previous Years’ Question Trends
  • Topic-wise Weightage of SSC CHSL Reasoning

Syllabus of General Intelligence for SSC CHSL

Before taking the exam, you should familiarise yourself with the SSC CHSL syllabus. Going over the syllabus can help you identify the topics on which you need to work and those on which you excel. So you can see which areas you need to improve on. Examine the syllabus thoroughly and plan accordingly. The SSC CHSL reasoning syllabus covers the topics listed below.

SSC CHSL Reasoning Syllabus

  • Analogy
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Symbolic/Number Classification, Number Series
  • Figural Classification
  • Punched hole/pattern-folding & unfolding
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Problem-Solving
  • Missing Number
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Miscellaneous

Topic-wise weightage of General Intelligence for SSC CHSL

SSC CHSL General Intelligence preparation is done best when candidates know important tips. These consist of both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. In the tier 1 exam, the reasoning subject has 25 questions with maximum of 50 marks and in tier 2, the reasoning subject has 30 questions with maximum marks of 90 marks. In order to chalk out the perfect SSC CHSL reasoning preparation, candidates must prioritize the topics and the order in which they should be studied based on the question weightage. We have prepared a list of important Reasoning topics and their weightage based on the SSC CHSL previous years question papers

SSC CHSL Reasoning Syllabus




Venn Diagrams


Symbolic/Number Classification, Number Series


Figural Classification


Punched hole/pattern-folding & unfolding






Missing Number


Non-Verbal Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning




Important Topics of General Intelligence for SSC CHSL

Based on the question weightage of the general intelligence topics for SSC CHSL given above, we can easily figure out the important topics of general intelligence and reasoning. These topics are high-priority topics and candidates are suggested to practice sufficient questions from these topics. The following are important topics of General Intelligence for SSC CHSL 

  • Coding-decoding
  • Series
  • Venn diagram
  • Classification 
  • Mathematical operations
  • Puzzle

SSC CHSL General Intelligence Preparation Tips

In the SSC CHSL Exam, the general intelligence section involves both verbal and non-verbal type questions. SSC CHSL general intelligence questions are somewhat time-consuming, and aspirants should test their precision and speed to complete them in order to achieve a good ace. Furthermore, applicants should focus on the difficulty level of the questions. To make things easier, the candidates should divide it into three categories: easy, medium, and complicated. In addition, candidates can go through the SSC CHSL Reasoning preparation tips given below

  • Analogy, classification, non-verbal reasoning, series, coding and decoding, series, and so on are the areas that will give candidates with the greatest score options in Logical reasoning.
  • Candidates can focus on and develop their spatial vision abilities, which are required for answering nonverbal questions as effectively as feasible. It is doable with practice.
  • Because SSC CHSL questions on non-verbal reasoning take less time to answer, it is best to start with them. It will save time on complicated issues like puzzles and mathematical calculations.
  • Candidates can gauge the level of difficulty by examining past year papers and observing how the pattern and difficulty level have changed over time.
  • Candidates can prepare for the exam by identifying some frequent topics and questions that are repeatedly asked in the exam. You can check out the topic-wise question weightage given above.
  • Make it a habit to practise quant-based puzzles and seating arrangements because they are the most time-consuming aspects of the test and can prohibit you from attempting additional questions. More practice means a faster answer.
  • Do not try to take a wild guess while choosing the right answer since there will be a 0.50 mark deduction for each question.
  • In the SSC CHSL Tier -1 exam, out of the 25 questions; candidates must strive to answer 17-19 questions correctly. In the tier 2 exam, out of 30 questions, try to get at least 17-20 questions right.
  • Taking SSC CHSL mock tests is an unbeatable approach to improving your speed and accuracy. Take topical, sectional, and full-paper mock examinations to improve your speed and accuracy.

Time Management Tips to Prepare Reasoning for SSC CHSL

The importance of time management cannot be emphasized more as very limited time is left for the SSC CHSL exam. Candidates must use their time judiciously and cover the syllabus on time and complete at least one-time revision before the exam. Following time management tips will help students prepare reasoning for SSC CHSL in a more effective way.

Schedule your study time

Set up a particular period to study and cover each subject as needed. It entails devoting extra time to disciplines in which you are weak and require further practice. Thus, first, examine yourself, and then give a certain amount of time to each topic and the vital tasks you must do in a day.

Set Goals

Set daily goals for yourself. Choose one or two subjects every day and aim to finish them all on the same day. Extending one topic for more than one day will only cause you to fall behind in time.

Maintain Discipline

Discipline is the one strategy that can help you pass the exam out of all those stated above. Only discipline can assist you in preparing for the finest. You must be methodical in your approach. Only everyday practice will work in your favour as you prepare your schedule and set out your approach. Take breaks, but practise every day without fail. Only discipline will allow you to pass SSC CHSL in one sitting.

Speed and Accuracy is Key to Success in SSC CHSL 2023

As you all are aware that the SSC has introduced the new SSC CHSL exam pattern, and speed and accuracy will play a crucial role in the new pattern. The reason is that in the tier 2 exam, under session 1 (Module 1), candidates are required to solve 30 questions of Mathematics and Reasoning in the limited time of 1 hour. Mathematics and Reasoning both are calculative in nature and prove time taking at times. Therefore, in order to ace SSC CHSL general intelligence and reasoning, candidates must sharpen their speed and accuracy. 

Best Books for SSC CHSL General Intelligence Preparation

Choosing the right study material while preparing for the Combined Higher Secondary Level is essential. However, when narrowing down the book selection for the exam, students must pay attention because selecting the correct study material is critical to score well. This is why many applicants are perplexed when deciding on the ideal book for SSC CHSL. Here is the list of best books for SSC CHSL general intelligence preparation that is advised to candidates for reference

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning – S. Chand
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning– R.S. Aggarwal 
  • SSC CHSL Quizzes – BYJU’S Exam Prep

All The Best 


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