150+ SSC CGL Geography Previous Year Questions: Check Syllabus & Download PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Considering the importance of the SSC CGL Geography syllabus, we bring you 150+ SSC Geography questions and answers that were asked in the previous years’ papers. Geography is part of the SSC CGL syllabus that comes under general awareness subject. As far as the Geography subject is concerned, around 3-4 questions usually appear in the computer-based exam under SSC CGL. In SSC Exams, solving the previous year’s questions becomes more essential as the questions get repeated in the subsequent years. Aspirants can download the SSC Previous Year Geography questions PDF in Hindi & English for the upcoming SSC CGL 2023, SSC CHSL 2023, and other exams for free from the direct links given below.

SSC CGL Geography Syllabus

The very first step of starting your exam preparation is to have complete knowledge of the SSC CGL Geography syllabus. SSC CGL Geography syllabus comprises mainly 5 sections which are as follows:

  1. General Geography & Physical Features
  2. Climate, Soil & Vegetation
  3. Drainage System
  4. Economic Geography
  5. Human Geography

Important Topics from SSC CGL Geography Syllabus

Analysing the questions that appeared in the previous years in the Tier 1 CBT exam of SSC CGL, we can see that questions on some of the topics of geography have been repeated. Let us take a look at the list of SSC CGL Geography questions to which we can pay more attention.

  • Wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and wetlands
  • Mountain ranges, rivers, and tributaries
  • Important mountain passes
  • Types of forests and vegetation
  • Solar system
  • The atmosphere and its Layer
  • Landforms created by river and glacier system
  • Landforms created by wind and water action
  • Indian Soil and Agriculture
  • Major sea ports and airports
  • Important Boundary Lines
  • Important dams and power plants

It is suggested that aspirants must prepare these topics properly and revise twice before the Combined Graduate Level exam 2022-23. 

SSC Previous Year Geography Questions PDF

We have compiled 150+ important SSC CGL geography questions from the previous year’s questions papers for the Tier 1 exam. Students can download geography notes for SSC CGL (with answers) PDFs in Hindi and English language.

Preparation Tips for SSC CGL Geography Syllabus

To help you improve your scores and increase the number of attempts, here are some valuable preparation tips for the Geography syllabus for SSC CGL:

  1. Read the Geography section carefully and attempt to locate pertinent issues.
  2. Make short and concise notes to help you remember what you’ve read and learned.
  3. Regularly review all of the relevant subjects.
  4. To remember the locations, use maps while learning.

Geography questions in the SSC exams are quite important. So, plan ahead, devise a sound strategy, and put in the necessary effort. You will be successful in all you set out to do!

SSC CGL Geography Questions

Are you wondering what kind of questions are asked from SSC CGL Geography Syllabus? Well, since Geography is a vast subject, there can be a variety of questions from this section. To help you get a better understanding of what kind of questions you can expect from SSC Geography syllabus, we have added a few questions for your reference.

Q1. Hot local winds that blow in the Sahara desert are known as?

(a) Harmattan

(b) Karaburan

(c) Jooran

(d) Haboob

The answer is a) Harmattan.

Q2. The layer in the atmosphere which reflects radio waves is known as?

(a) Exosphere

(b) Troposphere

(c) Stratosphere

(d) Ionosphere

The answer is d) Ionosphere.

Q3. The largest freshwater lake in our country is known as?

(a) Wular Lake

(b) Bhimtal Lake

(c) Dal Lake

(d) Nainital Lake

The answer is a) Wular lake.

Q4. Which river is also known as Tsang-po in the country of Tibet?

(a) Ganga

(b) Indus

(c) Brahmaputra

(d) Teesta

The answer is c) Brahmaputra.

Q5. What is the phenomenon called when the atmospheric temperature increases at higher altitudes?

(a) Conduction

(b) Inversion

(c) Radiation

(d) Convection

The answer is b) Inversion.

Geography Book for SSC CGL

Going by the revised SSC CGL exam pattern, the General Awareness will be included in both tier 1 and 2 exams holding the weightage of 125 marks combined. One of the most important subjects of General Awareness is Geography. Therefore, candidates who want to ace the exam must score the maximum marks from this section which can only be done by referring to the best SSC CGL books. With so many books available in the market, choosing the right set of books for SSC CGL preparation is a tedious task. Hence, here we have listed the best books and study material for SSC CGL Geography.

  • THE GIST OF NCERT (GEOGRAPHY) by Kalinjar Publications
  • Magbook India & World Geography by Arihant

We hope that this post will help you prepare the SSC CGL Geography Syllabus and score well in the General Awareness section. Make sure to refer to the SSC Previous Year Geography questions PDF to take your preparation up a notch and, all the best for the exams!

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