Floods Can Be Prevented By?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A) Afforestation

B) Removing top soil

C) Deforestation

D) Agriculture

The answer is option A) Afforestation. Hence, floods can be prevented by afforestation which is the process of growing more trees. Due to urbanisation and industrialisation, deforestation has rapidly increased in the past few decades. Many forests have been chopped down, which has resulted in climate change and many natural disasters like floods. In order to prevent such disasters and to save the planet, we must adopt afforestation and grow more trees. 


Floods can be prevented by Afforestation

Floods are natural disasters that occur due to the overflowing of rivers which can be caused by excessive rainfall. Planting more trees or afforestation can help stabilise the rain cycle and prevent such disasters.


Floods Can Be Prevented By?

Floods can be prevented by afforestation which means growing more trees. Since floods occur due to excessive rainfall and the overflowing of the rivers, planting more trees can help stabilise the rain cycle and prevent floods.


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