What is Meant by a Water Divide? Give an Example

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

A water divide means an elevated terrain that separates two different neighbouring drainage basins. Another name for it is a drainage divide. Consequently, a water divide can be a mountain or a plateau. A major divide is one where the water never meets but instead merges into the same ocean. A minor divide, on the other hand, is where the water from both sides eventually merges into a river confluence.

Meaning and Example of Water Divide

A water divide is a raised terrain that separates two drainage basins. Sometimes, a water divide can be created due to the valleys that typically lead to groups of people settling along their shores. Thus, it can end up creating natural borders that are defined as political borders between cities and countries.

  • A water divide basically acts as a divider between streams of water.
  • Ambala is one such example of a water divide.
  • It is situated between Indus river system and Ganga river system.
  • The two water basins are separated and the basin is divided into two parts by any elevated area, highland, or upland, such as a mountain, hill, plateau, terrain, or any other land area higher than the land in its surroundings.
  • The water divide is the name given to these mountains.


What is Meant by a Water Divide? Give an Example

A raised area of land separating two distinct nearby drainage basins is called a water divide. It is also known as a drainage divide. A water divide can therefore be either a mountain or a plateau. A significant dividing line is one where the waters never come together but instead combine to form one ocean.

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