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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Know Who is the Father of Biology: Aristotle, the Greek philosopher of the 4th century is regarded as the “Father of Biology”. Apart from this Aristotle is widely regarded as the “father of scientific study and natural method”. Aristotle was the first person to study biology and make observations. His main interests were mostly zoological and have major texts in the field of biology which includes “Parts of animals” “history of animals”, “Movement of animals”. 

Biography of Aristotle

Aristotle was born in 384 BC in Stagira, an ancient Greek city. His father was a physician who taught him about biology and medical information. When Aristotle was thirteen, he lost both his parents and by the age of seventeen, he moved to Athens to Plato’s Academy to continue his studies. There he resided for more than twenty years and afterwards with one of his Pupil Theophrastus, he moved to the island of Lesbos to continue his research in Zoology and Botany. 

While at Lesbos, Aristotle married Pythias with whom he had a daughter also named Pythias. Aristotle was appointed as the head of the Royal Academy of Macedon (a dominant state in ancient Greece) where he taught various future leaders like Alexander the Great, Cassander, and Ptolemy. It is believed that Aristotle was the one who encouraged Alexander to conquer the east. 

During his time in Athens, Aristotle is believed to have composed many works, not in the fields of biology but also in physics, metaphysics, logic, politics, and poetics. Aristotle died in the year 322 BC at 62 years of age.

Biology: Biology is the study of life including the study of various processes in the living bodies of various organisms. Biology has a broad scope which is based on several unifying themes, one of which is that every living organism is made up of cells and requires energy to live, grow and reproduce. Earlier called the study of life, today biology has been divided into various branches which focuses on different studies of biology like studies of cells, plants and animals, microorganisms and various other fields which concern the well being of humanity.

Aristotle Works Experiments:

Aristotle’s works were not based on experiments as in modern science but were based on data and discovering common things among animals and classifying them on that basis. Some of his theories were wrong and some of them were totally correct. One of his theories which is correct and based on observation was that for any living organism life span increases with gestation period along with body mass.

Other person regarded as Father of various fields of Biology

Not only Aristotle, but various other people have also contributed to the field of Biology and its various branches, and some of them are considered as the father of these fields. A list of these persons are given below: 



Father of Botany


Father of Zoology


Father of Biology


Father of Modern Botany


Father of Endocrinology

Thomas Addison

Father of Immunology

Edward Jenner

Father of Agronomy

Peter De-Crescenzi

Father of Genetics

GJ Mendel

Father of Modern Genetics

TH Morgan

Father of Cytology

Robert Hooke

Father of Palynology


Father of Mycology


Father of Plant Physiology

Stephan Hales

Father of Polygenic Inheritance


Father of Gene Therapy


Father of Surgery and Plastic Surgery


Father of Anatomy


Father of Ethology

Konrad Lorentz

Father of Cloning

Ian Wilmut

Father of Chemotherapy

Paul Ehrlich

Father of Bryology

Johann Hedwig

Father of Mutation

Hugo De Vries

Father of Genetic Engineering

Paul Berg

Father of Ayurveda


Father of Taxonomy

Carolus Linnaeus

Father of Embryology


Father of Blood Circulation

William Harvey

Father of Medicine


Father of Blood Groups

Karl Landsteiner

Father of Paleontology

Leonardo da Vinci

Father of DNA Fingerprinting


Father of Gerontology


Father of Bacteriology

Robert Koch

Father of Antibiotics

Alexander Fleming

Father of Pathology

Rudolph Virchow

Father of Virology

WM Stanley

Martinus Beijerinck

Father of Epidemiology

John Snow

Father of Endocrinology

Thomas Addison

Father of Homeopathy


Father of Biogeography

Alfred Russel Wallace

Father of Entomology

Jan Swammerdam

Johan Christian Fabricius

William Kirby 

Father of Evolution

Charles Darwin

Father of Herpetology

John Edwards Holbrook

Father of Ichthyology

Peter Artedi 

Father of Innate (natural) immunity

Élie Metchnikoff 

Father of Humoral immunity

Paul Ehrlich 

Father of Microbiology

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Louis Pasteur

Father of Molecular biology

Linus Pauling

Father of Molecular biophysics

Gopalasamudram Narayana Iyer Ramachandran

Father of Parasitology

Francesco Redi 

Father of Cheloniology

Archie Carr


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