200+ SSC CHSL Biology Questions with Answers, Download SSC Biology Questions PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

200+ Biology Questions asked in SSC CHSL Previous Year’s Paper (Hindi/English) have been provided in this article. Students aiming to crack SSC CHSL 2023 exam must start their preparation for the exam as tier 1 exam is scheduled to be conducted in February/March 2023 and lakhs of candidates will apply for various posts of Lower Division Clerk and Data Entry Operator.

To help you get ahead in the competition, we are going to provide you with 200+ SSC biology questions (with solutions) that were asked in SSC CHSL Previous Year’s Papers. SSC Biology Questions PDF is available in both Hindi & English language. Candidates can revise important biology questions for upcoming SSC Exams such as SSC CGL 2023, CHSL 2023, etc.

SSC Biology Questions

Biology is an important part of the syllabus of tier 1 exams of all the SSC exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, Stenographer, MTS, etc. In general awareness, over the years, the weightage of the science questions has increased and candidates must prepare well in order to crack tier 1 of the SSC exams. Around 3-4 questions are asked from Biology in the SSC Exams. In the SSC CHSL exam, around 3-4 questions are asked from the biology in the tier 1 exam. With the introduction of general awareness in the tier 2 exam of SSC CGL & SSC CHSL, the weightage of general awareness has increased and so is that of biology.

SSC CHSL Biology Syllabus

The SSC CHSL biology syllabus consists of topics such as classification, human biology, food, and nutrition. Let us check all the topics of biology as per SSC CHSL Syllabus.

  • Introduction
  • Classification of Organisms
  • Cytology
  • Genetics
  • Structure of Plant and Animal Cell.
  • Classification of Plant Kingdom.
  • Plant Morphology
  • Plant tissue
  • Photosynthesis
  • Plant Hormones
  • Plant Diseases
  • Mode of Nutrition in Plant
  • Control and Coordination in Plant
  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant
  • Asexual Reproduction in Plants
  • Transport system in Plant
  • Respiration and Excretion in plants
  • The Cell: The foundation of all living things
  • Cell: Structure and Functions
  • Control and Coordination in Human
  • Human Reproductive system
  • Excretory system in Humans
  • Respiratory system in Humans
  • Human Circulatory system
  • The Heart
  • Composition of Blood
  • Functions of Blood
  • Human Digestive system
  • Cell Division
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Human Diseases
  • Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
  • Classification of Animal Kingdom
  • The five kingdoms of life
  • Mode of Nutrition in Animals
  • Nutrition in Animals
  • Sexual Reproduction in Animals
  • Respiration in Animals
  • Miscellaneous

Importance of Solving SSC Biology Previous Year Questions

In the SSC exam, Biology is part of the General Awareness syllabus under the science subject. Out of the total 25 questions in the general awareness section, around 8-10 questions are asked from the science subjects on average. Candidates can expect approximately 4-5 questions from biology in the tier 1 exam. With the introduction of the new SSC CGL exam pattern and SSC CHSL exam pattern, the importance of biology questions has increased and therefore needs to be given extra attention.

Important Biology Questions for SSC CHSL Exam

SSC biology questions given below have been chosen from the SSC CHSL previous years’ papers to help you give an idea about the type of questions that are being asked in the exam and the difficulty level of the questions.Let us check some of the examples of the SSC biology questions given below:

1. Which of the following is a vertebrate?

A. Snake
B. Roundworm
C. Millipede
D. Earthworm

Ans. A

2. Hydrochloric acid is secreted in which part of our digestive system?

A. Mouth
B. Stomach
C. Liver
D. Small Intestine

Ans. B

3. Which of the following cell organelles is responsible for the storage, modification and packaging of products in vesicles?

A. Mitochondria
B. Plastids
C. Golgi apparatus
D. Endoplasmic reticulum

Ans. C

4. Which of the following blood groups is called the ‘Universal Receiver’?

A. A+
B. O+
C. O
D. AB+

Ans. D

5. Which of the following eye disorders is known as ‘lazy eye’?

A. Hypermetropia
B. Myopia
C. Presbyopia
D. Amblyopia

Ans. D

6. Which of the following parts of the human body releases carbon dioxide, brought in by the blood, from the rest of the body?

A. Alveoli
B. Larynx
C. Trachea
D. Bronchi

Ans. A

7. ‘Leukopenia’ is an abnormal ______.

A. Increase in white blood cells
B. Decrease in red blood cells
C. Increase in red blood cells
D. Decrease in white blood cells

Ans. D

8. Pineapple is a _____plant.

A. Hygrophyte
B. Mesophyte
C. Hydrophyte
D. Xerophyte

Ans. D

9. Proteins are assembled from how many amino acids?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

Ans. D

10. How many parathyroid glands are present on the back side of the thyroid gland in humans?

A. Six
B. Five
C. Three
D. Four

Ans. D

SSC Biology Previous Years Questions PDF

Check out the SSC CHSL Biology previous years questions PDF given below wherein we have provided you with 200+ important biology questions for the upcoming SSC CHSL exam and other SSC exams as well. You can click on the link given below and download the SSC CHSL Biology previous years questions PDF in Hindi and English languages:

Solving these SSC Biology questions will improve your performance exponentially. If you are confused about one of the topics and looking for an easy explanation for this subject, you must enrol for SSC CHSL online coaching classes. Also, you must solve free SSC CHSL mock tests as many as you can.


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