Best Tips to Attempt SSC CPO 2022 Tier 1 Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CPO 2022 is almost approaching. You are all probably busy putting the finishing touches on your plans and concentrating more on the practices. In SSC CPO Exam, applicants are judged on their capacity to correctly answer the most questions in the shortest amount of time.
You must become an expert in time management and know the right approach to attempt SSC CPO 2022 Tier 1 exam if you want to stand out from the 7.5 lakh CPO applicants and secure your place on the list of completed (or shortlisted) candidates. This is a crucial element to succeeding in such difficult exams. Therefore, each applicant must prepare smart time management strategy in order to attempt the most questions possible throughout the exam.

SSC CPO 2022 Tier 1 exam is going to be conducted from 9 to 11 November 2022. Time is running short and at this moment you should be done with your syllabus. Now your focus should be just on revision. Some students do not perform well in the exam because of silly mistakes. They get panicky and are nervous during the exam and become blank. This article is all about how to overcome your fear during exams and attempt the paper in the best possible way.

SSC CPO prelims exam consists of 4 sections as given in the table below.

Subject No. of Questions Max. Marks
General Intelligence & Reasoning 50 50
General Awareness 50 50
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
English 50 50

SSC CPO 2022: Order of Attempt and Tips

Before beginning to attempt the questions, take a minute to analyse the SSC CPO question paper. This will help you set the order of attempting the questions. You may choose which section should be attempted first and which in the last. The best way is to start with the simplest section! For instance, you might start by taking the General Awareness Section. You only have 10 minutes to finish this section. As there is nothing like answering the 25 questions that you must. Immediately answer the questions if you have knowledge. Leave the question and go on if you can’t recall the answer or you have any doubts. In this part, try to answer 15-20 questions.

You can go on to the English section after finishing the general awareness section in 10 minutes. The second less time taking section of the paper is this one. English questions can be answered quickly, despite their tricky and difficult level. You can easily answer the questions if you are well-versed with the grammar rules. Spend less effort on the vocabulary questions because the answers are straightforward.

You can now choose to take the Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning section. You can attempt the Quantitative Aptitude section in the last as it takes a number of calculations to solve questions in this section. While Attempting the questions from the Reasoning section, start with the questions of classification, coding-decoding, and word formation because they are simpler and take less time.  It’s important to distinguish between short and long questions while answering these questions from sections like Quantitative Aptitude or reasoning sections. Aim to attempt as many of the brief questions as possible because each question, whether it is short or lengthy, will get you two points. Therefore, answering brief questions rather than lengthier ones will increase your score. Keep in mind all the quick math formulas and tricks, and utilise them while responding to the Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning questions.  Simply skip the question if you are unsure of the answers. Additionally, pay attention to the questions that you are sure about and get them right without fail. 

Tips to Attempt SSC CPO 2022

Calculations Should be done Quickly It will help you save time in the SSC CPO 2022 exam if you are meticulous with the quick calculations and methods. You should have quick access to math formulae, such as squares, cubes, reciprocals of integers, and strategies for challenging computations. Don’t use your pen to solve simplifications, if possible. Learn the tables so you may avoid wasting time and put them to better use elsewhere.

Spare Some time to Revisit the Unattempted Questions: Some questions are challenging to find an immediate answer to. Many aspirants repeatedly drill that question, and when they are unable to find the answer, it demotivates them and affects the rest of their work. Therefore, avoid answering questions that look lengthy and time-consuming in order to avoid such pandemonium. Try the easier questions first, and then go back to the challenging ones.

Maintain Accuracy: It’s important to manage your time accurately. Do not attempt a question right away. Don’t try anything if you are unsure of it. It’s preferable to leave a question than to receive a low score. Avoid making any educated guesses and answer questions truthfully.

Practice as many Mock Tests as possible: You can resolve the time management problem with the use of mock exams. Before taking the exam, run through as many practice questions as you can. By taking practice exams, you can assess your readiness for the real thing. Recognize your errors and be ready for the test itself.

Positive Attitude is key towards success: Some students think that they are not prepared well for the exam and spoil it just by their assumptions. Never underestimate yourself.

Do not Make Silly Mistakes: Some students are in such a hurry that they read the incomplete question and answer it and lose marks unnecessarily. Even if you know all the answers and make such silly mistakes, you will end up losing marks and not getting selected for the SSC CPO exam.

Keep Calm: Do not get excited or nervous during the exam because in both the cases you tend to make silly mistakes. Stay cool and attempt your exam paper effectively.

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