Advance Maths for SSC CGL: Syllabus, Topics and Best Book

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Advance Maths for SSC CGL: Maths is an important component of various Government exams including SSC CGL where Maths totally comprised 250 marks in Tier 1 & 2 combined. One of the most crucial components of Maths in Government exams is Advanced Maths which includes topics like Mensuration, Trigonometry, Geometry, etc. Hence, one cannot turn a blind eye to advanced maths. In this article, we have mentioned all the details that an aspirant would need to get fully acquainted with Advance Maths for SSC CGL 2022-23 and fetch maximum marks from this topic. Scroll on!

Every competitive exam in India places a significant emphasis on mathematics or quantitative aptitude. Your capacity for understanding is tested with questions about quantitative aptitude, especially your capacity for problem-solving. When it comes to the SSC CGL, mathematics is a crucial topic. One of the most important topics of it is Advance Maths for SSC CGL 2022-23.

Advance Maths for SSC CGL

Advanced Maths is a crucial component of the Maths syllabus for SSC CGL where there are many questions asked from this section. This section is highly scoring in nature therefore, candidates need thorough preparation of this section. In this article, we are providing you with all the important information regarding Advanced Maths for SSC CGL 2023.

Advance Maths Topics

There are different topics included in Advanced Maths for SSC CGL 2023. The list of important topics for Advanced Maths is provided below:

Advance Maths for SSC CGL Tier 2

As per the latest SSC CGL Exam Pattern, SSC CGL Tier 2 consists of five subjects, i.e., English, Maths, Reasoning, General Awareness, and Computer of 450 marks. Of which, the Quantitative Aptitude holds the weightage of 90 marks. Thus, candidates would need to ace this section to ensure their selection for the next round. Here is the topic-wise weightage of various topics covered under Advanced Maths in SSC CGL tier 2 to help you prepare for it.

Advance Maths Topics


Geometry (Circles, Triangle, Quadrilateral, etc.)


Mensuration (Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid, etc.)


Data Interpretation




Height & Distance




Coordinate Geometry




SSC CGL Advance Maths Syllabus

The Advanced Maths for SSC CGL Syllabus is provided below. Candidates are required to go through the advanced maths syllabus SSC CGL to prepare completely regarding this section. The topics included in various sections are given under the main topics.


  • Triangle and its various kinds of centres
  • Congruence and similarity of triangles Circle and its chords
  • Tangents Angle subtended by chords of a circle
  • Common tangents of two or more circles
  • Triangle
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Regular polygons
  • Circus


  • Basic
  • Angle


  • Basic & logic
  • Height and distance
  • Prism and pyramid
  • Co-ordinate geometry
  • Graphic presentation of straight lines
  • Circular measure of angles

Advance Maths Book for SSC CGL

The SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Examination is an annual event that has a strong reputation for helping candidates land dream positions in ministries, government agencies, and numerous other establishments. Candidates put a lot of effort into getting a job through the SSC CGL, and they need to consult the right SSC CGL Books to get a good score.

One of the most important disciplines for passing any competitive exam is Advance Math. As a result, we have put up a list of the top Advance Math books for SSC exams to make it easier for you to choose the books that will best aid your preparation and help you perform well on the test. Read the books listed below, and get started as soon as possible on your exam preparation for Advanced Maths for SSC CGL 2023.

  • SSC Elementary and Advanced Maths by Kiran
  • BYJU’S Exam Prep Study Content

Since, now you are aware of all the important details of SSC Advance Maths, you must begin your preparation for SSC CGL without any further ado.

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