A Carpet Of Rice, Flour, Sand Or Petals. What Am I?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The answer to the riddle: A Carpet of Rice, Flour, Sand Or Petals. What am I? – is a Rangoli. A Rangoli is an art form that originated in India and consists of intricate patterns that are created on the floor using powdered red ochre, limestone, coloured sand, flower petals, dry rice flour and more.


The answer to the riddle is a Rangoli

Rangolis are usually drawn on happy occasions like festivals or marriages. They represent the positivity and joy of a household and are even intended to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into the house. Since ancient times, Rangolis were drawn by women of the household and were considered auspicious and harbingers of prosperity in our culture.


A Carpet Of Rice, Flour, Sand Or Petals. What Am I?

The answer to this interesting riddle is a Rangoli. Rangoli is an ancient art form that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It involves drawing intricate and beautiful designs and patterns using powdered materials like dry rice flour, limestone, flower petals, coloured sand and rocks. These designs are drawn on special occasions and represent the happiness and liveliness of a household.

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