How to Prepare Current Affairs for SSC Exams 2022?

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : August 15th, 2022

Prepare Current Affairs for SSC Exams 2022: General Awareness is a major section in SSC exams. General Awareness is considered to be the difficult section for the SSC aspirants owing to its vast syllabus and the uncertainty of the questions.
Out of all the topics of the general awareness section in SSC and Railway Exams, the current affairs section often gives the hard time to the students. Students often get confused as to how they should make the notes and memorise the current affairs. 
So in this article, we are discussing few doubts about the Current affairs on which usually 4 - 6 and sometimes, 8 - 10 questions are asked in SSC Exams. These questions make a huge difference in the competition. Let us understand the sub-topics of the current affairs section and important tips to prepare for the current affairs. 

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How to Prepare Current Affairs for the SSC Exams 2022

Sections of Current Affairs and their Weightage in SSC Exams

Current affairs cover several subjects that are spoken about in the global, world News as well as awards & honours, books & writers, Government programmes and policies, sports activities and lastly people in the News. Here we will cover each section that comes under the current affairs and the number of questions that are being asked from these sections in the SSC Exams. 


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International News

It includes news related to important events in the world which affects other countries and can change international relations, economy, geography etc. Apart from that news related to international organisations, their annual meet and venue or any important decision taken on the international platform can be considered under this section. All the important index and the ranking of India in the index is important from the exam point of view. Aspirants can expect 2 - 4 questions from international current affairs. 

National News

All the events which are of national importance are being asked from this section. Any recent science or space project, satellites launched, Organisation/centre which is first in the country etc come under this section. Around 1 - 3 questions always come from this area.

Awards and Honours

Important national and international awards/ honours like booker prize, oscar award, bafta awards, Bharat Ratna, etc have been repeatedly asked in the exams. Students must prepare this topic as 2 - 3 questions are asked based on awards and honours.

Books and Authors

It included books written by famous personalities, books launched by any famous international/national platform by any famous person or any book which has got a lot of appreciation or criticism or being in news for quite some time. Around 1 - 2 questions are generally seen in the SSC exams from this segment.

Sports and Events

Questions based on ICC awards, any big win in sports like tennis, badminton etc. can be asked. Other than that questions based on Olympic wins, the world cup, formula1 race or famous international tournament, are also frequently, asked in exams. Around 2 - 4 questions can be asked.  

Government Programmes and Policies

It includes any new scheme launched by the central government for the welfare of citizens or for some specific group. Questions might also be asked from any policies launched by the state government which is one of its kind or unique. Usually, 1 - 2 questions are asked from this topic. 

Famous personalities and Person in News

This topic includes newly appointed heads of any organizations, obituaries, new appointments in the government. 

Current Affairs Preparation Strategy 2022

After understanding the important topics and their weightage in the SSC Exams, let us take a look at the Current Affair strategy which can help you in current affair preparation. 

Solve Previous Years Papers

Aspirants should regularly solve previous years papers especially the last 5 years papers. It will help mainly in two ways:

  • Give you an insight into the type of questions usually are asked from the current affairs in the exam
  • Sometimes in exams questions appear from current affairs of the last 2-3 years. So this would help you answer those type of questions too.

Focus More on the Current Affairs of the Last 6 Months Before the Exam

The current affairs section covers various topics and there is so much uncertainty about the questions that can be asked from this section. So, students can use the following tips to cover the current affairs of the last 12 months 

  • Focus more on the current affairs of the last 5 - 6 months before the exam. 70 - 80% of questions of the current affairs are asked from here. 
  • If time allows, then cover only the most important news from the remaining 6 months of the current affairs. 

Solve Daily Current Affairs Quiz 

Attempting the quiz would help you revise the current affairs on daily basis. If any day you miss reading the newspaper, you can easily attempt the daily current affairs quiz and catch the latest updates of the day

Attempt the daily current affairs quiz on the BYJU'S Exam Prep app: Click Here

How to Make Current Affairs Notes?

Students often find it difficult to memorize all the important points because till you sit for your exam you get a bundle of notes and it’s not easy to keep all of them in your little brain. Here are some tips to give you an idea about making current affair notes

  • You need to buy a notebook and make short notes daily but remember do not write everything in your notes. Half a page is enough. Jot down highly important points which you think can be asked in the examination 
  • Discuss important news with your friends regularly because discussion makes things easier to remember and in the exam, you will easily memorize everything.

Revision of Important Points

After Making notes the next step is revision because if you keep reading current affairs on a daily basis but do not revise, it’s all going to get wasted in some days. You will become nervous about your exam.

  • Always remember that forgetting things is human nature but yes you can help it. Just make a small group of friends and discuss important news with them. Maybe you would have missed something which they know. Trust me guys this really helps. Weekly revise everything which you read during the whole week.

Tips to Read Newspaper Effectively for SSC Exams 2022

Students generally get confused while reading the newspaper because if you take good newspapers like THE HINDU, TIMES OF INDIA, HINDUSTAN TIMES takes almost two hours to read it properly and students do not have this much time as most of us are lazy.

  • Read the editorial page of the newspaper daily and jot down English words which you are not able to understand and look for them in the dictionary. This will improve your vocabulary as well.
  • Skip reading Bollywood news as it is not important for your exam.
  • Focus on international events, Environmental issues, Articles related to science & technology, Multipurpose Projects, and the most important thing is jotting down important points in your notebook.
  • Read current affairs on a regular basis because you can’t mug them up in a single day or in a month, discuss with your friends regularly and revise. Do not get panic because you are going to crack SSC CGL definitely.

All The Best !!!


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  • Last 6 - 8 months current affairs should be prepared for SSC CGL 2022.

  • BYJU'S Exam Prep provides weekly current affairs pdf which is highly qualitative and very useful for SSC and Railway exam 2022.

  • Around 5 - 6 current affairs questions are asked in SSC and Railway Exams.

  • Current affairs questions, in SSC exams, are usually asked based on the latest conferences and summits, books and authors, awards and famous personalities etc.

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