BARC ECE Study Plan 2021

BARC ECE Study Plan 2021

ByHimanshu Verma  |  Updated on: Aug 24, 2021
Apply Online for BARC ECE exam for scientific officers through OCES/DGFS 2021 exam. Know the selection process, notification, syllabus, educational qualification, exam date, salary here.

BARC ECE Scientific Officer 2021

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( BARC ) has provided an excellent opportunity in the form of Trainee Scientific Officer (TSO) 2020 recruitment under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). The online application for BARC 2021 Exam had started on 10th July 2021 and most of the candidates would have started preparing for the BARC 2020 Exam. BARC is one of the leading multifaceted nuclear research centres of India having a peerless infrastructure for advanced Research and Development with prowess covering the entire spectrum of Nuclear Science and Engineering and related areas.

In this Article, BYJU'S Exam Prep Provides the Best 45 days strategy to prepare for BARC 2021 ECE (Electronics and Communication) Exam. The schedule comprises Quizzes, notes, important articles. BARC 2021 Selection Procedure and Eligibility Criteria is already clear to aspirants and it's time to completely focus on preparations.

To win any Battle past experience is always helpful and exams like BARC which doesn't release its Question Paper,  Previous year Candidates experience would be a catalyst in the preparation.  So Check the link: BARC Exam Analysis for Electronics and Communication

BARC ECE 45-Days Nuclear Study Plan

S.No.SubjectQuiz NameStudy Notes
Article Link
Digital Circuits
Study Notes22 July 2021
2Important Formulas23 July 2021
3Preparation Digest24 July 2021
Analog Circuits
Study Notes25 July 2021
5Important Formulas26 July 2021
6Preparation Digest27 July 2021
Control Systems
Study Notes28 July 2021
8Important Formulas29 July 2021
9Preparation Digest30 July 2021
Network Theory
Study Notes31 July 2021
11Important Formulas1 August 2021
12Preparation Digest2 August 2021
Signals & Systems
Study Notes3 August 2021
14Important Formulas4 August 2021
15Preparation Digest5 August 2021
Measurements and Instrumentation
Study Notes6 August 2021
17Important Formulas7 August 2021
18Preparation Digest8 August 2021
Electromagnetic Fields
Study Notes9 August 2021
20Important Formulas10 August 2021
21Preparation Digest11 August 2021
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Study Notes12 August 2021
23Important Formulas13 August 2021
24Preparation Digest14 August 2021
Analog Communication
Study Notes15 August 2021
26Important Formulas16 August 2021
27Preparation Digest17 August 2021
Digital Communication
Study Notes18 August 2021
29Important Formulas19 August 2021
30Preparation Digest20 August 2021
Engineering Mathematics
Study Notes21 August 2021
32Important Formulas22 August 2021
33Preparation Digest23 August 2021
Microprocessor: Nuclear Quiz 1Study Notes24 August 2021
35Microprocessor: Nuclear Quiz 2Important Formulas25 August 2021
36Microprocessor: Nuclear Quiz 3Preparation Digest26 August 2021
37Full Syllabus Test27 August 2021
38Full Syllabus Test28 August 2021
39Full Syllabus Test29 August 2021
40Full Syllabus Test30 August 2021



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