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Digital Communication: Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

Four singles are to be multiplexed and transmitted. g1(t) and g4(t) have a bandwidth of 4 kHz, and the remaining two signals have bandwidth of 8 kHz. Each samples requires 8 bit for encoding. What is the minimum transmission bit rate of the system?

Question 2

The quantization noise of a PCM system depends on

Question 3

Which of the following is the valid PSD (power spectral density) of random process X(t)

Question 4

for a (7,4) linear block codes, the parity check matrix is given by

If it is known that “ 0100011” is valid codeword for given code, then the values of a and b are respectively

Question 5

A binary channel with capacity 36 k bits/s is available for PCM voice transmission. If signal is band limited to 3.2 kHz, then the appropriate values of quantizing level L and sampling frequency will be

Question 6

The Nyquist rate for the signal.

Question 7

For a random process X(t), if the mean is given by 2 and the auto-correlation function is
Rxx(t1,t2)= 5 + 2e-0.1|t1-t2| 
Then, the covariance between X(5) and X(2) is _________.

Question 8

For a linear block code parity check matrix shown below if the received codeword is (101010) then error is in the bit number?

Question 9

A 12 channel TDM system where each channel signal is 4 kHz is sampled at 8 kHz. What is the bandwidth requirement?

Question 10

The constellation diagram of a modern is shown in the figure given below. What does the modern use?
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