GATE ECE Mock Test 2023-24 Free, Practice Online Test Series

GATE ECE Mock Test 2023-24 Free, Practice Online Test Series

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Start with a Free GATE ECE mock test 2023-2022 at BYJU'S Exam Prep to analyze your performance. GATE Electronics and Communication online test series helps you increase your score and chance of clearing the exam with maximum marks.

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GATE EC 2023 Full Length Tests

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Pnr Narender
Pnr NarenderBest Quality Questions
To prepare for the GATE EC, the best way is to solve these mock test questions. Thanks BYJU'S Exam Prep (Formerly Byju's Exam Prep).
Akanksha Jambhure
Akanksha JambhureNice Experience
Thank you for providing us with these sorts of questions and their analysis too. Very happy with the level of the questions.
Pnr Narender
Pnr NarenderBest Quality Questions
To prepare for the GATE EC, the best way is to solve these mock test questions. Thanks BYJU'S Exam Prep (Formerly Byju's Exam Prep).
Akanksha Jambhure
Akanksha JambhureNice Experience
Thank you for providing us with these sorts of questions and their analysis too. Very happy with the level of the questions.

Start with the Free GATE mock test for ECE and improve your performance for the Electrical exam. BYJU'S Exam Prep offers the best GATE ECE online test series, free to boost your preparation for the upcoming GATE 2023-2024 Exam. The GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) mock test will provide you with a complete exam experience, with new questions to practice based on the latest exam pattern, which is exclusively made by our experts & GATE Toppers.

GATE ECE and GATE IN Mock Test 2023-2024 | Exam Overview

GATE ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering) exam has been scheduled to be held in February 2023. Candidates preparing for electronics & communication should start practicing now with the GATE ECE test series. Register now to attempt the Free GATE mock test for ECE 2023-2024. Also, candidates preparing for the GATE IN (Instrumentation Engineering) exam should attempt the GATE IN test series.

To bring you one step closer to getting hired in the top PSUs, start your planned preparation now, along with the comprehensive practice resource through GATE ECE online test series. The GATE ECE test series will help boost your exam preparations and understand the exam pattern. Further, it will help you create a benchmark against thousands of GATE aspirants. Therefore, challenge yourself today with GATE ECE mock test free. Check solutions, performance analysis reports, and All India Ranking (AIR) among other GATE ECE aspirants.

GATE ECE Mock Test 2023-2024 Schedule

Both GATE subject-wise schedule and fill-length mock test schedule is mentioned below. It is important to note the schedule as it will help you plan your preparation accordingly. It will also ensure the timely completion of the syllabus.

GATE ECE Full-length Test Schedule 2023

DateGATE ECE Mock Test 2023Number of questions
15 August 2022GATE ECE Mock Test 165
15 September 2022GATE ECE Mock Test 265
15 October 2022GATE ECE Mock Test 365
15 November 2022GATE ECE Mock Test 465
15 December 2022GATE ECE Mock Test 565
15 January 2023GATE ECE Mock Test 665

GATE IN Mock Test 2023-2024 Schedule

Candidates must check the GATE Instrumentation Engineering Mock Test Schedule to plan their preparation accordingly. Both the subject-wise test schedule and full-length mock test schedule is mentioned below.

GATE IN Full-length Test Schedule 2023

Subject NameLive DateNumber of questions
Mock Test 115 October 202265 Questions: 30 Questions of 1 Mark each & 35 Questions of 2 Marks each comprising of MCQ, NAT & MSQ type Questions
Mock Test 210 November 202265 Questions: 30 Questions of 1 Mark each & 35 Questions of 2 Marks each comprising of MCQ, NAT & MSQ type Questions
Mock Test 310 December 202265 Questions: 30 Questions of 1 Mark each & 35 Questions of 2 Marks each comprising of MCQ, NAT & MSQ type Questions
Mock Test 410 January 202265 Questions: 30 Questions of 1 Mark each & 35 Questions of 2 Marks each comprising of MCQ, NAT & MSQ type Questions

GATE ECE Test Series 2023 Key Features

  • Get All India Rank (AIR) and analyze your performance on each test.
  • Attempt GATE ECE mock tests online with the help of a virtual calculator.
  • Every question is explained with detailed solutions.
  • Moreover, you can attempt these GATE ECE Mock Test Series on mobile apps and laptops.

Buy GATE ECE Test Series

Purchase BYJU'S Exam Prep GATE ECE Test series to add value to your preparation by monitoring where you stand and where you could reach in the competition. Get ahead of your competition by preparing smartly after identifying your wrongdoings and amending them. Test series is the best way to time your preparation effectively.

Also, the GATE ECE Test series are complemented with detailed solutions and analysis, which help you fill the gap in your preparation. Purchase the GATE ECE test series to brush up on your concepts and build new ones to score better and qualify for it. Strong foundational clarity of concepts will help you fetch more marks in the GATE ECE 2023-2024 exam.

Benefits of Taking GATE ECE Mock Test Series

Positive Time-Management

GATE ECE Mock test series aids time management in the most suitable manner. GATE ECE is the most reliable test series with a large variety of questions that are accessible on a single platform, which helps to result in the best preparation. Your efforts will be minimized, and the result will be increased by adding the GATE ECE Mock Test Series.

Upraise your Score

The overall score will significantly rise by taking the GATE ECE Mock Test series. The test series for GATE ECE will give you sufficient practice with diverse questions in a time-bound setup. The questions will give you beneficial experience with various questions so that you become competent to solve questions of multiple difficulty levels.

Retention of Concepts

The GATE ECE Mock Test series will facilitate you with the most reliable and best quality of study materials that elaborate the concepts in the syllabus with the utmost clarity so that you can clearly understand and remember the concepts.

GATE ECE 2023 Highlights

Paper CodeECE – Electronics and Communication
Date of the examFebruary 4, 5,11, 12, 2023
Time3 Hours
Total Questions65
Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions30 to 35
Maximum Marks100
SectionsEngineering Mathematics, General Aptitude Questions, and Subject-specific

GATE ECE Syllabus 2023


Topics to be Covered

Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra


Differential Equations

Vector Analysis

Complex Analysis

Numerical Methods

Probability and Statistics

Networks, Signals and Systems

Circuit analysis

Continuous-time signals

Discrete-time signals

Electronic Devices

Energy bands in intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, equilibrium carrier concentration, direct and indirect band-gap semiconductors.

Carrier transport: diffusion current, drift current, mobility and resistivity, generation and recombination of carriers, Poisson, and continuity equations. P-N junction, Zener diode, BJT, MOS capacitor, MOSFET, LED, photodiode, and solar cell.

Analog Circuits

Diode circuits: clipping, clamping, and rectifiers.

BJT and MOSFET amplifiers: biasing, ac coupling, small-signal analysis, frequency response. Current mirrors and differential amplifiers.

Op-amp circuits: Amplifiers, summers, differentiators, integrators, active filters, Schmitt triggers, and oscillators

Digital Circuits

Number representations: binary, integer, and floating-point- numbers.

Combinatorial circuits: Boolean algebra, minimization of functions using Boolean identities and Karnaugh map, logic gates and their static CMOS implementations, arithmetic circuits, code converters, multiplexers, and decoders.

Sequential circuits: latches and flip-flops, counters, shift-registers, finite state machines, propagation delay, setup and hold time, critical path delay.

Data converters: sample and hold circuits, ADCs, and DACs.

Semiconductor memories: ROM, SRAM, DRAM.

Computer organization: Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU, data-path, and control unit, instruction pipelining

Control Systems

Basic control system components; Feedback principle; Transfer function; Block diagram representation; Signal flow graph; Transient and steady-state analysis of LTI systems; Frequency response; Routh-Hurwitz and Nyquist stability criteria; Bode and root-locus plots; Lag, lead, and lag-lead compensation; State variable model and solution of state equation of LTI systems.


Random processes: autocorrelation and power spectral density, properties of white noise, filtering of random signals through LTI systems.

Analog communications: amplitude modulation and demodulation, angle modulation and demodulation, spectra of AM and FM, superheterodyne receivers.

Information theory: entropy, mutual information, and channel capacity theorem.

Digital communications: PCM, DPCM, digital modulation schemes (ASK, PSK, FSK, QAM), bandwidth, inter-symbol interference, MAP, ML detection, matched filter receiver, SNR, and BER.

Fundamentals of error correction, Hamming codes, CRC.


Maxwell's equations: differential and integral forms and their interpretation, boundary conditions, wave equation, Poynting vector.

Plane waves and properties: reflection and refraction, polarization, phase and group velocity, propagation through various media, skin depth.

Transmission lines: equations, characteristic impedance, impedance matching, impedance transformation, S-parameters, Smith chart.

Rectangular and circular waveguides, light propagation in optical fibers, dipole and monopole antennas, and linear antenna arrays.

GATE ECE 2023: Exam Pattern

Examination ModeOnline
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)
Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
SectionsThree sections (General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics & Subject Specification)
Sectional Time-LimitNo
Number of Questions65
Total Marks100

Read here the full GATE ECE Syllabus and Exam Pattern

GATE ECE 2023: Important Dates

GATE 2023 Events

Exam Dates

GATE ECE Exam 2023 Notification Release

27 July 2022

GATE ECE 2023 Application Form Release

30 August 2022

Last date to register for the GATE 2023 Application Form

7 October 2022

Last Date to Apply for GATE 2023 with Late Fees (Extended)

14 October 2022

GATE ECE 2023 Form Correction

4 to 11 November 2022

GATE ECE 2023 Admit Card Release

3 January 2023

GATE ECE 2023 Exam Date

4, 5, 11, and 12 February 2023

GATE ECE 2023 Result date

16 March 2023

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