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Engineering Mathematics : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

For the function f(x) =, the maximum occurs when x is equal to _____.

Question 2

The solution of is

Question 3

If for a matrix A, we have A = I, then which is wrong?

Question 4

Consider the following function

Find the value of x at which f has absolute minimum.

Question 5

Let, A =  and  =

Then (a + b) = ?

Question 6

The value of

Question 7

If a fair coin is tossed four times. What is the probability that two heads and two tails will result?

Question 8

Let z be a complex variable. For a counter-clockwise integration around a unit circle C, centred at origin, the value of A is

Question 9

Let z = x sin y-y sin x. The partial differential of z = ____.

Question 10

A card is drawn at random from a pack of 100 cards numbered from 1 to 100. Find the probability of drawing a number which is square.
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