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Digital Circuits : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

The truth table for AB flip-flop is shown below,

If this flip-flop using j-k flip-flop.

Then the input of j-k flip flop is

Question 2

Find X to be substituted with the logic gate to get the following sequence 0-1-3-2-0

Question 3

If the input frequency and the output frequency for the cascaded counter shown below are respectively 30.72 MHz and 1 KHz, then Johnson counter has __________number of bits

Question 4

Find contents of shift register after three clock pulses are applied. Assume initial contents to be 0110 & direction to be right

Question 5

In sequential shown if initial value of output Q1Q0 is 10, what are next four values of Q1Q0 ?

Question 6

An input clock frequency of 80 MHz is given as to a cascaded combination of MOD – 12 and MOD – 10 and MOD – 8 counter. Find output frequency

Question 7

Symmetric square wave of time period 100 sec can be obtained from square wave of time period 10 sec by using a

Question 8

The CMOS implementation of a logic gate is given below,
If A+B=Y, then the logic function realized by the circuit is

Question 9

The output of 4×1 multiplexer in the figure is

Question 10

N inverters are connected in a ring

Each inverter has a propagation delay of 10ns.

The above circuit works as an

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