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Analog Communication: Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

The probability density function of a random variable X is given as follows, Then find the value of k if it is a constant.

Question 2

For a continuous random variable X having the pdf f(x) given by

. what will be the median of the random variable X .

Question 3

A QPSK signal is used to send data over a satellite transponder. The transponder has a bandwidth of 12 MHz. Which of the following data rate can be supported by the transponder?

Question 4

For a random variable ‘X’ following the probability density function, P(X), shown in the figure, the mean and the variance are respectively.

Question 5

The bandwidth efficiency of an 8-ary PSK signal is given by

Question 6

A digital communication system uses 8-PSK modulation and transmits 3600 bps. What is the symbol rate?

Question 7

A random variable X is uniformly distributed on interval (–5, 15). Another random variable Y = e–x/5 is formed. Find E[Y] = ?

Question 8

The two binary FSK signals are given by

The minimum frequency separation of these two signals to be orthogonal is

Question 9

At a given probability of error, binary coherent FSK is inferior to binary coherent PSK by.

Question 10

The bit error probability of a memoryless binary symmetric channel is 10-5 . If 105 bits are sent over this channel, then the probability that not more than one bit will be in error is _____.
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