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Measurements : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A PMMC instrument can measure

Question 2

A PMMC instrument is almost similar to

Question 3

The preferable mounting to operate spring and gravity controlled based instruments is

Question 4

A MI instrument deflection is

Question 5

To reduce the temperature error drastically, the swamping resistance is connected in series with working coil, made of

Question 6

Voltmeter – Ammeter and Ammeter – Voltmeter methods best suitable for

Question 7

The internal resistance of ammeters and voltmeter are 1 Ω and 1 KΩ respectively. If these meters are used to measure DC power. Find the value of load resistance at which error in V-A and A-V method is same.

Question 8

Two wattmeter method is used to measure the power consumption by the star connected balanced inductive load. At which load PF of both wattmeter will read equal

Question 9

The sum of W1 and W2 for 200 V (L-L), 50 Hz supply

Question 10

The braking torque is
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