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Control Systems : Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

A unity feedback control system has a open loop transfer function , So the steady state error when it is subjected to the input. r(t) = 1 + 2t + 1.5t2 is

Question 2

At a time instant equal to thrice the time constant of a stable first order LTI system the ratio of its unit step response value to the final asymptotic value of its unit step response is

Question 3

Consider a unity feedback system with the forward transfer function

The Range of K to make the system stable is

Question 4

The polynomial s3 + 5s2 + 2s + 12 = 0 has

Question 5

In the system of figure. , (Assume k>0) the system is stable for.

Question 6

consider F(s) = s6 + s5 – 2s4 – 16s2 –16s +32 = 0, number of roots of F(S) on the imaginary axis is

Question 7

The characteristics equation of a closed loop system is s3 + Ks2 + 2s + 1 where K is a real parameter. Then the closed loop system is stable for

Question 8

The open loop transfer function of a negative feedback closed loop system . For the closed system, s = –1 satisfies.

Question 9

Let the open-loop transfer function of the negative feedback closed-loop system be where K is a positive real-valued parameter. Consider the locus of the corresponding closed-loop poles. The region of the real axis that lie on the root locus is

Question 10

Consider the open loop transfer function of a system with

For complex root loci the center and the radius of the circle is

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