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Electronic Devices and Circuits : Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

At room temperature, if the mobility of electrons in a semiconductor is 3800 cm2/V.s, find the diffusivity constant of electrons.

Question 2

If a donor impurity is added to the extent of one atom per 108 Ge atoms, calculate its resistivity at 300oK. Assume μn= 3800 cm2/V.s.[By properties of Germanium, no. of atoms per cm3 is 4.4x1022 atoms/cm3.]

Question 3

A silicon crystal having a cross sectional area of 0.001 cm2 and a length of 10-3 cm is connected at its end to a 10V battery. At T=300 K, µn =1350 cm2 / V-sec ,we want a current of 100mA in the silicon. What will be the density of donor atoms which must be added to achieve this conductivity?

Question 4

Determine the electron concentration (no) at thermal equilibrium for a Germanium sample whose intrinsic concentration is 2.4 x1013. Given that ND = 5 x 1015 cm-3 and Na = 0. Assume temperature, T=300K.

Question 5

An n-type silicon bar 0.1 cm long and µm3 in the cross-sectional area has a majority carrier concentration of 5 × 1020/m3 and the carrier mobility is 0.13 m2/V–s at 300 K. If the charge of an electron is 1.6 × 10–19 coulomb, if the area of the bar is (Area = 100 * 10-12) then the resistance of the bar is 

Question 6

An n-type silicon sample has diffusion coefficient of electrons 120 cm2/sec and the carrier life time of electron is 30 p sec. Then the diffusion length of the sample (Ln) is

Question 7

Electron mobility and life-time in a semiconductor at room temperature are respectively 0.36 m2(Vs) and 340 μs. The diffusion length is

Question 8

In each BJT, the common-base current gain α = 0.98 and the collector base junction reverse biased saturation current ICO = 0.5 μA. This BJT is connected in the common emitter made and operated in the active region with a base drive current IB = 20μA. The collector current IC will be

Question 9

A common emitter BJT, operating in forward active region having following parameters, Common-base current gain, α = 0.95 collection base junction reverse-bias saturation current, ICO = 0.5 µA. Base drive current, IB = µA

Find the emitter current IE.

Question 10

JFET works as amplifier in the
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